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We've moved and here's the reason why

Removal van in Skimpans Close, Wellham Green in the summer of 1969. Image by Ron Kingdon part of the Images of North Mymms collection

Why the changes were made

The Brookmans Park Newsletter has moved, and content has been transferred to two new mobile-friendly sites. There are links to all three above, on the right and on the left. Please change any bookmarks.

In both cases the articles have been enhanced and expanded. Nothing has been lost. Archived walks, features, and news items can all be found by using the excellent search facility on each site.

Our history section, which has moved to the North Mymms History Project, was becoming too big and needed a site of its own.

Our walks section, which used to have 12 local walks, has expanded tenfold. Again, the section was getting too big so we have built a new site called Hertfordshire Walker.

This site acts as a portal to both sites. You can read about the history of the Brookmans Park Newsletter on our history site.

Screen grab image of The Brookmans Park Newsletter 1998-2018
The Brookmans Park Newsletter 1998-2018

The North Mymms History Project has more than 200 features and books. All the content that was on the Brookmans Park Newsletter has been improved and more is being added on a regular basis.

Hertfordshire Walker has more almost 120 local walks, all free to download and enjoy. We have interactive maps so you can follow the walks on your mobile device.

The changeover to the new sites took many months to complete. There were more than 14 pages of search results referencing pages on the old site. These had to be corrected with the new urls by writing to the owners of the site and informing them, or, in the case of Wikipedia, editing the entries ourselves.

And we had to allow time for more than 50 local residents who had as an email alias. That took several months to enable people to set up alternative arrangements and divert to the new addresses. If you were one of those people, thanks for your patience.

The image above of a removal van in Skimpans Close, Wellham Green in the summer of 1969 was taken by Ron Kingdon and is part of the Images of North Mymms collection.


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