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Puma Sightings

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I live on the borders of Hadley Wood and New Barnet in Hertfordshire.  I find it hard to believe that there is any type of big cat around the Brookmans Park area. Potters Bar and Brookmans park are not too far from where I live and I pay regular visits to both places and I for one have never seen any type of wild cat.  I also spend quite a lot of time in Welwyn Garden City and the same goes for that area.  How certain are we that these big cats actually exist because I get the feeling that not many people are taking it seriously.  I am interested to hear your feedback and in the subject in general.
Jamie, 17
Jamie Alexander Hurst
Hertfordshire, Barnet, Britain - 11:47:52 Tuesday 18 May 1999

I was travelling north by car on the road linking Brookmans Park and Essendon at about 11.45 am on Thursday 7 January. At a point about halfway between the two I saw a creature about 40 yards ahead disappearing into the undergrowth on the righthand side of the road. I saw only the back half and tail of the creature. It was black. The tail was quite full and was about half the length of the body. Our cat Jasper is very large but this thing could have had him for breakfast.  As I got level with the point I looked to my right but saw nothing in the undergrowth.  Peter Ambrose (Professor - not absent-minded)

Peter Ambrose
Lewes, East Sussex, England - 06:39:03 Sunday 17 January 1999

I am not a local resident (in fact, I live in the USA) but your puma problem caught my interest. I live in a rural area and pumas (mountain lions here) hunt on my property. Even in an area where the mountain lion population is high, attacks on humans are rare.   Just keep small animals in at night, watch your livestock and avoid having small children play outside in the twilight. If you do see a puma, don't run. Most of the animals fear humans and will run from you.  If you are approached or attacked, stand up, shout, and fight back. Allison Blackham
Allison Blackham <
Grass Valley, California, USA - 21:41:14 Friday 20 November 1998

I believe that the 'CAT' should be protected. I think we can all honestly say that it exist and in all these years it hasn't attacked anyone! May it evade capture of as long as it lives.

London, England - 12:49:36 Friday 16 October 1998

Last year I reported on the 'Beast of Brookmans Park' for the Daily Telegraph after a neighbour in Gt North Rd told me that her Range Rover had been mysteriously attacked. The bumpers were chewed in the night, and torn off with great strength... the councils animal welfare officer investigated, and took the chewed up bits to london zoo, which pronounced they could have been made by a large dog like creature. however, the consensus was that it would have had to have been one heck of a dog. The AWO was convinced that it could not have been a dog, but was... the Beast.

Eric Bailey
Brookmans Park,  - 07:19:44 Saturday 03 October 1998

The Fen Tiger seems to be on leave in the suberbs of North London.  I have seen one in my garden and it proved to be a feral greyhound!! Nothing to worry about as i understand that after their racing career they make docile domestic pets!

David Jones
Comberton, Cambridge, UK - 15:59:54 Wednesday 30 September 1998

Leave the cat alone. We all know it lives round here and it isn't a is a local resident and should be left alone.

Jim Allen
Potters Bar, Herts, UK - 14:59:57 Monday 28 September 1998

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