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Dear Sir or Madam,
Firstly I must say how good it is to have discovered the site. It is good to know there are so many people who care about our village.
I am inquiring whether there is a 'for sale' area on the site? I used the search engine but couldn't seem to find anything. If there is not, then would anyone else find this a useful way to sell items locally.
Many thanks again for the quality site,
Aidan Winwood
Aidan Winwood
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 13:51:28 Friday 25 January 2002
Editor's Note: Yes there was a 'classified ads' section of the site but it was hosted on another server that kept failing. Because it was unreliable it was taken down. However a new system is being tested which might offer a similar facility. If it proves reliable it will be added to the site.
Your web site is great. A great way to find information. I hope others will use it too. Keep up the good work! God Bless
Darren J. Carr
PS, I am trying to find my Penpal from Big Tancook Island,Nova Scotia. His name is Wallace R. Cross. Any information you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you.
Darren J. Carr
Waasis, Sunbury, Canada - 12:20:41 Friday 18 January 2002
Hello Everyone,
I have just found your (our) great site. I was born at 73 (now 129?) Moffats Lane in 1938 and lived in the same house until I was 18 - Ithaca House School, St Albans School and the Congregational Church being the centres of my life. Would any of my many friends care to contact me to swap e-mails about old times?
I feel prompted to write about my childhood in the woods fields around B P and all the adventures we had. Who do I address this to for possible publishing?
Graham Newman
Kendal, Cumbria, England - 14:43:25 Tuesday 23 October 2001
Note from the editor: What a great idea Graham. Any memories of Brookmans Park from any readers of this site who feel they have some interesting recollections to share would be gratefully received. Please send them to feedback
I read this website often to keep in touch with what is happening in my ancestral homeland, but I am writing today to thank all of the readers of this website and all of the people of the United Kingdom for the support you have shown those of us in the United States since the recent terrorist disaster. I watched the playing of the 'Star Spangled Banner' at Buckingham Palace on television a few nights ago. It was magnificent. Thank you!
Stephen Stancill Mims
Moscow, Idaho, U.S.A. - 00:40:48 Tuesday 18 September 2001
Hello everybody! I am an ex patriot of Brookmans Park (and Chancellors' 71-77). We used to live in The Gardens. I am now living 'down under', but I keep in touch with Brookmans Pk, via this website. (Have a look at our 'Village', distinctly Australian, with a touch of England at I'd be interested to see some pictures of 'The Village'.
Dale Gomes
Berwick, Victoria, Australia - 09:52:58 Sunday 09 September 2001
Have a look at the picture gallery of the village that has been put together for this site.
I read your Newsletter in Skopje, Macedonia where I am currently working. Although outside the weather is very hot and dusty and in the hills surrounding the city there is a mini civil war being fought by Albanian rebels and the Macedonian Army for a few moments I was taken back to the place I lived when I was a teenager in the late 50's. What a surprise it was to realise that I knew so little about the one place I thought I knew so well! The Brookmans Park Newsletter is like a letter from home. Congratulations on such a fine website.
Martyn Day.
Martyn Day
Skopje, No county/state, Macedonia - 13:29:24 Wednesday 29 August 2001
sir I feel I HAVE TRAVELLED BACK INTO MY CHILDHOOD WHEN i READ SOME THINGS ON YOUR SITE IT WAS SO MOVING i had the late Mrs Colville as a teacher and remember her well I also loved all the things about this site keep it going and thanks for the memories I shall visit often xxxxcheribob
xxxxx, xxxx, xxx - 10:09:22 Friday 17 August 2001
In the absence of a guest book, which seems to be about the only thing this busy site is missing, I just wish to commend the web master on a job well done with a lot of style. It's a terrific job with a huge amount of info. My village site (Wetterfield Virtual Village) is clearly much younger and can only draw inspiration from your efforts.
Hugh Issett of
Wetterfield, No county/state, England - 11:38:01 Wednesday 01 August 2001

Hi, I'm 15 and i just wanted to say that this site is the best thing to come out of brookmans park 4 ages (except those 10p cheepo bags of crisps at alldays). I'm so happy that it's up, so im going to devote part of my site to it when i get time! Keep up the good work!
Will Buck
Welwyn Garden City, Herts, England - 18:57:08 Sunday 03 September 2000

Just a short note to all my friends, and some of you others who regularly saw me on the 06.38 from BP station.
Thanks for all the lifts. Thans for all the chat. But most important of all thanks for the fivers that I collected from
the many misguided Gooners. Without you we probably could have only afforded less. A special word for Dave,
my favourite scouser -- Thanks for the goals but are'nt you supposed to score in the opposing net. Hope to see
all of you sometime soon on that wonderful WAGN line.

Bye for now
Jeff ( We are the champions, champions of Europe)
jeff petar
welwyn, herts, UK - 00:14:25 Monday 13 September 1999

A really good site for improving community contact. Is there anything on the Women's Institute on the site only
my daughter is the one who has been 'surfing' the site and this is my first view of it.

Catherine Sullivan
Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire, England - 19:25:48 Wednesday 18 August 1999

Terrific site. So pleased to find out how my family lived in North Mymms during the 1800's.
Richard Gillians
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - 02:28:55 Sunday 15 August 1999

Roger Watson
Potters Bar, Herts, UK - 15:47:42 Sunday 01 August 1999

Well done on the web site commendation.

Colin Barber
Brookmans Park, Herts, UK - 21:57:48 Tuesday 20 July 1999

your web site is most informative.I am familar with the area since many friends and family reside there and i have freqently been a guest while visiting - great job.

john noble
n.bethesda, maryland, u.s.a - 01:32:27 Saturday 30 January 1999

Great site - well done to all concerned. I have a daughter at Brookmans Park school and find that page particularly useful.

Tracey Deeks <Email address not supplied>
Potters Bar, No county/state, No country - 10:25:04 Sunday 03 January 1999

I found your web site very interesting and helpful, but for the life of me, I can't find any classified ads. I'm interested in the parttime job market Herfordshire offers college students. Could you please send me some information?   Thanks!

Lisa Ann
Marshall, Minnesota, USA - 18:26:08 Monday 28 December 1998

I have surfed thru to the site. Well done have a great xmas and I will join the regular commuters bright and early next week at the station. By the way what chance loads of train cancellations????

jeff petar
brookmans park, herts, u.k. - 12:15:07 Wednesday 23 December 1998

This is a superb site. I stumbled across it as I was trying to find out how my old school (Chancellor's) was doing. I finished sixth form there in 1991. Any other members of my year out there?

No name given
Liverpool, No county/state, No country - 12:19:47 Tuesday 01 December 1998

Well done - great to have a site for the village. Any beginner/improver bridge players interested in playing social bridge but with the aim of improving ? If so, e-mail me.

Tim Whiteley 
Brookmans Park,  - 21:29:11 Tuesday 22 September 1998

Great web site and it's nice to see 'Local' topics being covered. I'll look into making some special computer deals available to local residents through your site if this would help it's popularity. great effort so far....

Paul Large
North Mymms, Herts, UK - 19:01:09 Saturday 01 August 1998

This is a very nice web site, well produced and full of interesting content.  One small, very subjective criticism: I liked it better before you put all the graphics on the front page.

Bob Eggington
London,  08:15:13 Tuesday 21 July 1998

Nice site. You are now linked to The Welwyn Garden City Page at 

designuk <;
WGC, Herts, UK - 14:39:04 Sunday 19 July 1998

Terrific effort - hope that the site gets the local support it deserves, and grows as a result.
as a local resident, and enthusiastic amateur jazz drummer, are there any other local musos in the area looking for a blow? if so, please e-mail.

mike anscombe <
brookmans park, hertfordshire, uk - 19:25:11 Saturday 11 July 1998

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