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NMORA constitution

1) Name
The name is the North Mymms Online Residents' Association referred to in the rest of this document as the NMORA.

2) Objectives

The NMORA...

a) Does not aim to replace the old North Mymms Residents' Association
b) Is merely a body aiming to assess the issues raised by members of the Brookmans Park Newsletter online forum and decide how to take action where there is a growing sense of concern
c) Does not seek to, nor pretend to, represent the interests of all the residents of North Mymms
d) Is non party-political
e) Works to improve the quality of life for residents of North Mymms
f) Does not exist for the pursuit of personal vandettas or disagreements with other residents.

3) Committee

The NMORA will be run by a committee including a chair, a secretary, a treasurer, a publicity officer, a membership secretary, an events officer and an issues officer. Committee members will have 'Residents' Association Committee Member' added to their forum user names.

The committee make-up will be reviewed every six months and positions will continue, if not challenged, until the annual general meeting, when each post will be open to challenge.

Agreement will need to be reached at each AGM for committee positions to be retained.

The committee will be continually open for involvement from fresh members through the Brookmans Park Forum.

a) The chair will be responsible for helping the NMORA reach agreement on the issues to tackle, in conjunction with the issues officer, and with planning how to contacting local bodies and organisations on behalf of the NMORA
b) The secretary of the NMORA will be responsible for ensuring that all decisions of the NMORA are followed through and responses received and decisions reached
c) The treasure will be responsible for helping to raise what money, if any, is needed
d) The publicity officer will be responsible for contacting the local press if the NMORA takes on, or concludes, a campaign. They will also be responsible for general awareness of the organisation
e) The events officer will be responsible for planning the annual general meeting of the executive committee and any other events which arise throughout the year
f) The issues office will be responsible for making sure the committee reaches agreement on which issues the NMORA should tackle and explain why (see a)
g) The online officer will ensure that the general area of the forum is informed of decisions made in the NMORA committee's private area of the forum.

4) Membership

Membership is open to all who live or work in the parish of North Mymms, or have lived and worked in the parish but who have since moved on ... in fact anyone who cares about the place.

The only exclusion will be those who try to influence the NMORA for any political purpose or who bring the NMORA into disrepute.

All members will have the title Residents' Association Member added to their forum user name. This status will enable them to see a private NMORA area of the public forum not visible to the general public.

This is the area where NMORA members can discuss issues in detail.

If a person decides to leave NMORA, their forum status will return to normal and they will no longer be able to see the private area of the forum when they log in.

5) Membership fee

Membership is free. All people have to do is to register with a valid e-mail address for the forum at

6) Voting Rights

Only members who have registered for the forum will have the right to vote on issues raised by the committee in the forum and each member is entitled to one vote.

Constitution and amendments will be decided by 50% vote plus one "yes" vote in a quorum of 75% of the committee.

Votes will be kept open for 21 days after an issue is put to the vote.

7) Minutes (Online discussions)

The NMORA committee will keep online discussions in a secure area of the Brookmans Park Forum, which will record ...

a) All discussions regarding the make up of the committee
b) Actions undertaken and why
c) The names of the members of the NMORA who took part in decision making
d) All resolutions and proceedings from online discussions at the 'virtual' meetings of the NMORA.

8) Finance

a) Money should only be needed to cover the cost of publicity e.g. flyers alerting those residents not online of initiatives being carried out by the NMORA
b) The NMORA has no need to fund raise nor to collect membership dues for its general running
c) The NMORA will not need to raise funds to cover the cost of running the Brookmans Park Newsletter and forum.

9) NMORA members postings

All NMORA committee members agree to a disclaimer text alongside their user name. The disclaimer text will make clear that the views expressed in their posts are the views of the individuals concerned and not necessarily those of the NMORA.

The text will be the same for all members and reads: "The views expressed above are my personal views and not necessarily views shared by the NMORA, the North Mymms Online Residents' Association."

All NMORA committee members postings will, as with all posts, be bound by the agreement all signed up to when registering for the forum.

In addition NMORA committee members will be expected to abide by the editorial guidelines of the Brookmans Park Newsletter and avoid using any phraseology that could be construed as sarcastic, confrontational, pompous and patronising.

The Forum Adminstrator will continue to be the final judge in these matters after conferring with the chair and secretary of NMORA.

If a committee member fails to adhere to these guidelines three times running, their status as Residents' Association Committee member will be withdrawn.

Failure to abide by the forum agreement could result in their forum membership also being removed.

10) Constitution

a) All members shall be bound by this constitution and any subsequent amendments
b) The constitution may be altered only by a special resolution at the annual general meeting or an extraordinary general meeting.

11) Meetings

There will be an annual general meeting of the committee once a year over a pint or two in a local pub.

April 15, 2002

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