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E-mail opposing bypass plan

The full text of the e-mail from Paul Large, writing in response to the North Mymms Green Belt Society's decision to back plans for a bypass of Hawkshead Lane to help deal with projected RVC traffic
February 6, 2000

I am replying to e-mail submitted by Craig Rees on behalf of the NMGBS in respect of the proposed "By-Pass" around Hawkshead Lane. I am also using your forum in order that other residents in the area may be able to see any possible implications which may arise should these plans be allowed to continue.

I fully understand the concern expressed by the society in the first instance in respect of large vehicles already using the narrow lane. However there are a few areas, which need to be brought to the forefront before the society makes its final representation to WHDC. It should be mentioned that there is a tremendous difference between a "Public" road being built and a "Private" one exclusively for the use of the RVC. A "Public" road built to the south of Hawkshead Lane would possibly lead to the following future implications.

Firstly the ease of use will encourage more traffic to pass through our rural area as many commuters actually avoid using Hawkshead Lane already simply because they find it hard to negotiate. As the society is aware, when roads are constructed they tend to make areas of existing farmland isolated from the main farmland with the resulting area being abandoned and mostly pronounced untenable by the farmer.

Historically these areas then become targeted as areas for development by local authorities and therefore this area of green belt land is lost forever. This was mentioned to council officers when considering the Cranborne Road / Swanland Road link road and they agreed that in the long run permission is more likely to be given to develop this "Dead" land. I can see us having the same possible problem.

There is also a consideration, which needs to be given in respect of crime prevention. Having a public road to the rear of property in Hawkshead Lane then leaves it open to encourage the opportunist criminals to target domestic homes. It is far less likely for a burglar to walk a mile across ploughed farmland to target property then just stop their vehicle in the newly constructed by-pass for a quick exit from the area.

There is also the financial implications associated with the construction of such a by pass. The whole area as most people are aware has an unsettled water table, which has caused flooding and extortionate amounts of damage to property in Warrengate Road in recent years. Any construction on this flood plane will have consequences, which will affect this level.

Extensive research was conducted with the Environment Agency (Formerly N.R.A.) by one resident who pointed out that the cost of preparing defences against the "Run Off" from any road would be astronomic to the tune of many millions of pounds. The road construction itself would obviously need to be funded. At what cost?

Once in place, this public road to the South of Hawkshead Lane would then become a prime target for the short 1/2 mile link to the north part of the Cranborne Industrial Estate. I have no doubt that once in place the needs of the businesses on this estate would have their way eventually and the building of a small link to the bypass would then open the flood gates for all of the heavy goods vehicles to use this newly formed route from the north straight into the industrial area.

As we mentioned years ago, the potential heavy traffic, and we are not talking about horseboxes here, but heavy goods vehicles, will flood into our area at an alarming rate. I believe this to be a serious threat to our villages and Hamlets here and having seen the enthusiasm and even privately financed suggestions made by the Cranborne Estate, the link will happen.

There is an alternative to this whole problem, which has been mentioned previously, and that is the building of a "Private" road on RVC land for use only by their traffic. If an entrance was made to the North of Hawkshead Lane at the expense of the RVC leading from Warrengate Road, without having to build across farmland to join Swanland Road, this may solve some of the problems which I have mentioned in connection with the "Public" option.

There would obviously be no "encouraged" extra commuter traffic, there would be no farmland made "dead" by being isolated as this land is already owned by RVC. The mere fact that this would be a private road would deter the criminal activity, as they would have to give proper account as to their being in the area.

There would be no risk of our community being invaded by heavy goods vehicles wishing to visit the Industrial estate in Potters Bar at all hours of the day and night. I believe this option if any should be taken, is a more realistic proposal however in order for it to work properly a "pinch" may still need to be introduced.

I apologise if the e-mail is lengthy however I know there are some valid points mentioned here which have been overlooked. I would still urge the NMGBS to consult with residents before embarking on the crusade. Your efforts in the past have been very much appreciated specifically when assisting in the opposition of the Cranborne / Swanland link road. Having spent a couple of hundred hours myself campaigning and visiting council meetings you may now appreciate my concern when seeing your initial proposal.

Paul Large <>
North Mymms, Herts, UK - 20:30:35 Sunday 06 February 2000

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