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Latest Local News and Forum Issues
September 2002
Five-year plan for Gobions
Police warn firework ‘idiot’
Walk to school week
Aerial views of Brookmans Park
New cash point for village
Police issue car key warning
Double ‘sudden deaths’ - police update
Police investigate two local deaths
Folly Arch repair costs rise
Youth football kicks off new season
New cash point for village
The area's top ten eyesores

August 2002
North Mymms 'mass dial' found
Gobions - 'the spirit of the place'
WEA course details announced
North Mymms 'mass dial' found
Cosmological design mystery
Filming to feature village green
National web award commendation
A study of local birds
Flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees of Gobions
Council forum on structure plan
Local youth teams need players
Phone problems to last until Friday
Drinking water warning lifted
Aerial photograph of Brookmans Park
Local history society's new programme
Drinking water warning
Site shortlisted for national award

July 2002
Brookmans Park greetings cards
Village cub pack faced with closure
What's On Diary hits 100
Brookmans Park skatepark update
E-mail alerts for new posts and messages
Local author still publishing at 93
Childhood memories of the Octagonal Lodge
"All the beauty of the countryside at its best"
Chancellor's admissions policy
Visibility central to new policing plan
Childhood memories of the Octagonal Lodge
Chancellor's admissions policy
Council strike contingency plan
Tea room for Brookmans Park?
Kids, Hotels and Bonfires
Local planning applications blueprint

June 2002
49,000 more homes by 2016
The Brookmans Park puma - the case against
Online football competition
Village Day 2002 - Picture Gallery
Council warning about doorstep sellers
BMX track picture gallery
Online football competition
Brookmans Park Village Day 2002
Local BMX track renovations completed
All set for BMX track work

May 2002
Face-lift for Welham Green station
New improved search engine
Online residents' association update
Local scouts help clear footpath
Police issue motorised scooter warning
BMX track renovation - digger needed
Changes to local bus service
Neighbourhood noise problems
Power failure hits Brookmans Park
WAGN planning 'normal' service
Go ahead for BMX track work
Potters Bar crash - service update
Revised timetable following Potters Bar Crash
Ten local country walks
Report local issues online
Conservative councillor holds local seat

April 2002
New website for local scouts
Forum registration abuse
Politicians invited to get involved
Forum created for local teenagers
Youth facilities in North Mymms
Online residents' association takes shape
Virtual residents' association next steps
'Appalling' parking creating 'serious danger'
Virtual residents' association?
Positive response to jubilee celebration plan
Jubilee street celebration details
Council advice on garden bonfires
Feature writers wanted
Getting the most out of the Forum
Traffic calming for Bluebridge?
Traffic calming for Bluebridge poll

March 2002
300 viewpoints on 60 local issues
Scout troop trailer stolen
Traffic calming measures for Brookmans Park?
The orange ropes across Gobions Pond
Formal repairs notice for Folly Arch
Scouting – can you share your skills?
Car thefts - hide your keys
House burglaries on the increase
Check your train times online
New What's On 'next event' feature

February 2002
BBC transmitting station book online
Free e-mail aliases for Forum members
Fly tipping continues in Bradmore Lane
A zebra crossing for the village?
Fresh appeal for youth volunteers
The 'dangers' of the school run
Commuter survey of WAGN services
Concern over future of 20-acre field
Transmitting station public meeting
Mystery debris in local field
North Mymms Memorial Hall is safe
The mystery of the blue pipeline
Parish Council Clerk retires

January 2002
New interactive village forum
School coach parking row heats up
Transmitting Station history online
Anger over dog mess on verges
Second BAFTA blow for local team
Community Centre coffers boosted
BAFTA hope for village film team
Diary of a WAGN commuter
Commuter challenges WAGN fine
Call for one-day boycott of trains
Hertfordshire's drink driving shame
Local traffic disruption warning
California sunshine online
What's On Diary returns
New site for WAGN feedback
Scouts annual report and new site
Brookmans Park News Review 2001
2,000 cars abandoned every year
Police warning over bogus officials

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