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Railtrack invite feedback on station  

The area manager for Railtrack with responsibility for the south end of the east coast mainline says he will respond personally to any e-mails sent by commuters about the state of Brookmans Park station. 

This site has given Philip Heath an e-mail address so that people can write directly to him about any concerns.  Mr Heath says he will reply personally if anyone raises issues about vandalism or the rail service in general.

That e-mail address is

He has also offered to meet the local Residents' Association and any other people who are concerned about the station to find ways of tackling any problems.

Phil Heath has also asked his staff to pay particular attention to Brookmans Park station.

"I have instructed my people that we do a regular check on the station
especially in the evening.  I have allocated a Railtrack Supervisor to the job as part of his regular duties", he told the Brookmans Park Newsletter.

Mr Heath, who took responsibility for the area 14 months ago, says he wants to investigate all reports of vandalism or trespass.   

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September 5, 1999 

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