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Gobions survives the storms

A large tree falls victim to the storm
A large tree falls victim to the storms of October 2002  Fujifilm

The majority of paths around Gobions have survived the storms that hit the area at the weekend.

A number of trees fell victim to the 80 miles per hour winds, including at least one redwood, but all fell away from the main paths.

In all there are six points where fallen branches blocked the way, but all have now been cleared.

Even where the paths were blocked walkers had forced a way through the foliage.

One of the paths through Gobions blocked by fallen branches
One of the paths through Gobions which was blocked by fallen branches  Fujifilm

A couple of volunteers from Gobions Woodland Trust spent Monday afternoon cutting back branches which were obstructing the network of paths.

Click here to see a picture gallery of the damage caused by the storms.

The high winds have added a strange beauty to the area.

Green leaves, which would normally still be on the trees, now carpet the ground along with golden, red and brown leaves.

The mixture of colours makes Gobions strikingly colourful in the autumn sunshine.

The storms have added a fresh burst of colour to Gobions
The storms have added a fresh burst of colour to Gobions  Fujifilm

A coating of the leaves covers much of the water in the lake areas making it a good time to take photographs.

Anyone walking in Gobions at this time should take extra care because there are still many small sticks across the paths and some of the steps are hidden by the heavy fall of leaves.

You can read more about Gobions Woodland in the environment section of this site.

Many local roads fell victim to the storms, particularly Kentish Lane, Woodside Lane and Station Road.

October 28, 2002

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