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System upgrade to solve site problems

Engineers have been working on faults that have been interrupting the performance of the Brookmans Park Newsletter recently. Positive Internet says the fault lies with the shared server on which this site is hosted.

Shared servers are a cheaper option than dedicated servers and the server used by the Brookmans Park Newsletter has been due for a major service and upgrade. That was carried out at midnight on Monday, October 28, 2002, and completed around 9am on Tuesday, October 29. The Positive Internet Company says no data was lost during the upgrade.

According to Positive, the system upgrade will improved speed and reliability on this server. The company has apologised to all customers for the inconvenience.

Positive has hosted the Brookmans Park Newsletter for more than four years and has offered that service free of charge because the management felt the site offered a valuable community resource.

Apart from the recent faults, the Positive shared server service has been usually reliable.

The Brookmans Park Newsletter is a non profit-making site, run by volunteers who cover any overheads from their own pockets, hence the decision to go for a shared server solution rather than pay for a dedicated server.

Hopefully the latest repair work will solve the problems that have made the site unavailable recently. Apologies to anyone inconvenienced.

October 29, 2002

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