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Governors decide on school security plan

This is the full text of a letter sent to parents by the chair of governors at Brookmans Park School, Jeremy Silverstone, following an incident in which two junior girls went missing having left the school premises during play time for a 'day together'. 

Click here for details of the incident.

21st January 2000

Dear Parents,

I am writing to let you know about the discussions which took place at the Governors’ meeting on Monday concerning the two girls who left the School premises during morning break.

It is apparent that the School’s existing plan of action for such events contributed to a speedy resolution of the situation, and our thanks are due to Mr. Evans and his staff for their efficient response. Nevertheless, the situation was extremely worrying for all concerned.

Thankfully, incidents of this kind are extremely rare, so we must be careful not to demonstrate a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction, or turn the school into a fortress. On the other hand, we have to ensure that the children are safe, both from themselves and from outside intruders.

It has already been made clear to the junior children that straying from the school premises is against the school rules and is both unacceptable and dangerous. They received this in a serious manner so I think the point has been well made.

As a result of our discussions, we have resolved to take the following immediate action:

  • An independent security adviser is to be invited to come to the school to carry out a risk assessment, and advise us of any practical measures which might be taken. The PTA has already indicated that it will contribute to the cost of additional gates/fencing if this is require.
  • The head, staff and governors are to review our existing procedure for dealing with such incidents, paying particular attention how and when we notify the police.

A copy of the policy will be sent out to all parents. I am confident that this approach will result in a pragmatic solution which will address the concerns we have all had, and hope that you will agree that this is a sensible course of action, and continue to give us your support.

Yours sincerely

Jeremy Silverstone
Chairman of Governors

January 21, 2000

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