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Parish plan ideas collected

discussion at the North Mymms Parish Plan drop in meeting

Feedback is being assessed from three drop in meetings in Brookmans Park, Welham Green and Little Heath set up to discuss what should be included in the North Mymms Parish Plan.

Sheila King, who chairs the North Mymms Parish Plan Committee, said she was delighted with the turn out at the events.

Many ideas, which included housing, travellers' sites, commuter parking, speeding, more public transport, more for teenagers to do, etc, will now put to the North Mymms Parish Plan Steering Group. Some of the ideas are listed below. Note, where relevant, links to existing forum discussion threads on this site have been added. Ideas from the Little Heath meeting have yet to be added.

  • Environment - housing and the green belt, people in Brookmans Park and Welham Green are worried that the village communities will be swept away by authorities imposing large-scale housing. Loss of local identity and community feeling. Click here to discuss.

  • Travellers' sites, will North Mymms have sites be forced into the area despite reasoned objections? Click here to discuss.

  • Speeding along local roads in both Brookmans Park and Welham Green. Click here to discuss.

  • Parking by commuters in local roads to avoid car park charges is resulting in potentially dangerous situations. Click here to discuss.

  • Some residents paving over front gardens, loss of 'green village look' and the proliferation of high walls, fences, gates around increasing numbers of properties, resulting in a degradation in the 'open village look'. Click here to discuss.

  • More public transport, particularly buses, needed, making life easier for the elderly. Click here to discuss.

  • Disabled parking spaces in the village centres. Click here to discuss.

  • Dissuading groups of youths from gathering outside the shops in the village centres and causing a nuisance, particularly in Welham Green.Click here to discuss.

  • Teenagers are asking for more local facilities they can access easily, e.g. a gym and/or access to sports facilities. Hatfield and Potters Bar are too far away for them to get to easily. Click here to discuss.

  • The new incinerator at Barnfield, this is within the parish boundary, we will be losing the resource library and a special school. Where will these be re-sited and when and what will the environmental impact of the incinerator be? Click here to discuss.

  • Smaller concerns including adding flower baskets in the village centres and repairs the driveway entrance to Gobions Open Space.

Leaflet have been delivered to all 4,000 homes in the parish inviting residents to put forward five ideas to improve their community. Shiela has the task of sifting through the responses with her committee.

Once residents have been consulted, the group plans to set up focus groups and to produce a more detailed questionnaire to be sent around the parish. It is hoped that the parish plan will be completed by June 2010.

Further information can be obtained from Sheila King, on 01707 660550 or by email at nmpp (at) parish-plan (dot) org (dot) uk.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

16 May 2009 (updated 21 May)

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