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Police issue motorised scooter warning

Police are warning parents about the use of motorised toys including scooters, cars and bikes. In the latest Neighbourhood Watch newsletter, community police officer, Vojislav Mihailovic, says such toys are not intended for use on roads and pavements. According to PC Mihailovic, anyone using them on the road, including private roads, needs a driving licence, insurance and an MOT certificate.

He says children are not only putting themselves at risk but also everybody else. He says parents should limit their use to their own drives and gardens and not allow them to be used on public roads, pavements and footpaths.

He is also reminding people not to leave their car keys on show, particularly at night. Thieves are breaking in, taking the keys and stealing the cars in what appears to be a well-organised operation. Once car, stolen in such a way, was recently traced and found on a container at the docks. He suggests there are gangs in the area and anyone seeing any suspicious vehicles should make a note of the number and inform the police. He recommends not leaving your keys around, setting house alarms and fitting tracking devices to expensive vehicles.

PC Mihailovic reports that there have been a total of 40 offences for the first three months of the year and the largest increase has been in the category of theft, including the theft of mobile phones. Click here for the full report.

May 26, 2002

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