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Brookmans Park and Little Heath
Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Crime figures 2/2002 issue
Vojislav Mihailovic

5 Burglary (dwelling)
8 Burglary (others)
14 Theft or damage to motor vehicle
9 Theft
1 Assault
2 Criminal Damage
1 Possession of drugs
0 Robbery
0 Drunk and disorderly
0 Theft of pedal cycles

This gives a total of 40 offences for the first three months of the year. The largest increase has been in the category of theft. This is in two particular locations, a store and a school. Mobile phones are being stolen from lockers or jackets within the school. For residents, the main area of concern in relation to crime remains burglary and vehicle related crime.

Car thefts

In Cuffley, there have been a number of incidents where car keys have been stolen and the car taken. This type of offence has international connections; one of the vehicles stolen was recovered from a container at the docks ready to leave the country. If you are prepared to spend 2k - 40k on a vehicle, you might want to consider spending a little more having a tracking device fitted. This does not stop the car being stolen, but when activated, it does give us the ability, with the company, to track where the vehicle is pretty quickly, recover it and hopefully, find those responsible.

House alarms

I must remind you, once again, about alarm systems in the house. If you are able to zone it downstairs at night, please do. If you go out during the day, please make sure you turn it on as you leave. If you see a suspicious vehicle, make a note of the number and let us know. These people will look around the area during the day to spot the vehicles they want to steal.

Road traffic A reminder to all parents that motorised scooters are motor vehicles. Anyone using them on the road, including private roads needs a driving licence, insurance and an MOT certificate. There seems to be a number of battery driven toy cars and bikes in the area. These are toys, not intended for use on roads and pavements. To do so puts not only the children at risk, but everybody else too. If you have these toys, please tell your children to use them on the driveway and not out on the public roads and footpaths.

General matters

I have been asked to remind you about nuisance telephone calls. These can be from a persistent sales person down to the rude and or obscene. If BT is your provider, they have a nuisance calls bureau on 0800 345 144.

Your local point of contact regarding Neighbourhood Watch locally is the secretary, Brenda Harris on 655355. If you need any booklets or stickers, please contact the Neighbourhood Watch Support Group at Hatfield Police Station.

Vojislav Mihailovic

May, 2002

If you want to discuss the latest crime figures or the contents of the Neighbourhood Watch newsletter, please use the Forum.

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