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Local adverts buy and sell online

The Brookmans Park Newsletter has a new service local classified ads. It means you can now buy and sell items online.

The system has been built by James Bentall, a member of the Brookmans Park Newsletter team. It has been set up for private sales, not trade. It is also designed to focus on local transactions.

It offers the chance to pick up a bargain or help someone benefit from products you might no longer have a use for but which might save them money compared with buying them new.

When posting an advert your email address will not be published. However, people will be able to contact you by using an online form. You will receive the response via e-mail and be able to contact the interested party with a view to concluding the sale.

There is no charge for using the facility and all dealings will be between you and the person buying off you or selling to you. The Brookmans Park Newsletter can take no responsibility for unsatisfactory sales and nor can it take responsibility for the quality of goods on offer or the fairness of the price.

The system has been built for the benefit of the community and you are free to offer anything for sale as long as it is legal and appropriate for a community site used by families including children.

If the volunteers running the Brookmans Park Newsletter feel any material is offensive, the advert will be removed. As with most sites, your IP address will be logged when you post an advert. Violations of the rules for posting adverts will lead to you being denied access to the site.

May 27, 2002

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