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Flats refused in Brookmans Park
by Bob Horrocks

Georges Wood Road, Brookmans Park
Georges Wood Road
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Welwyn Hatfield Council has rejected a second application for six two-bedroom flats at 2 Georges Wood Road. The first was refused last October as being visually prominent, intrusive and appearing cramped within the plot.

This new application was 'L' shaped instead of the rejected 'T' shaped, making it visually larger when viewed from the road.

The floor area had increased by 14%, making it larger that the rejected design. The design included nine car parking spaces on the site, the maximum allowed by government.

The council considered the application at its meeting on 17 March and decided to refuse permission on the same grounds, and as being out of character with the area.

The committee could not refuse the application on car parking reasons, but did recognise that nine spaces was inadequate for this particular development and would lead to on-street parking very close to a busy road junction.

This meeting was innovative, because it was the first time that the public could address the planning committee. Up to four people can speak about a particular planning application, being the applicant or agent, a parish councillor, an objector, and a Welwyn Hatfield ward councillor who is not on the planning committee. Each person can speak for three minutes.

For this application, an agent for the applicant spoke first, followed by Bob Horrocks, as chairman of the planning committee of North Mymms Parish Council. The next speaker was Vivian Weeks, chairman of the Georges Wood Road Frontagers Association, followed by Bill Storey, the ward councillor on Welwyn Hatfield Council.

The chairman of Welwyn Hatfield Planning Committee is Stephen Boulton, who is also a ward councillor and a resident of Brookmans Park. He also spoke against this application.

Having been rejected twice, it looks as though developers can forget about building blocks of flats in Brookmans Park. However we can expect to see more houses being pulled down and replaced by a larger number of houses, or a larger house.

We can also expect more extensions as families grow and need more space since it is cheaper to extend rather than move to a bigger house.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s Forum.

19 March 2004

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