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Scouting – can you share your skills?

Have you any skills you can pass on to the area's scouts? If you have, local scout leader James Bentall is keen to hear from you.

He has made an appeal in this site's forum for help in assisting scouts gain their badges.

“There is a huge range of interest badges that Scouts can now gain - you can have a look at them by going to Scout Base UK and looking at the list on the right hand side. I was wondering whether there is anyone in the village who has skills which might enable some young people to gain 'expertise' in these areas,” he writes.

The list includes almost 100 categories that many in the village might be qualified to help with.

So if you are an administrator or artist, a DIY expert or can run a smallholding, have a look at the list and see if you can share you expertise and help James train local youngsters.

You can either e-mail him direct or add your contribution to the appeal in the forum.

According to James, all volunteers will need to fill out a Scout Association offer of help form, this is for the protection of young people, before they start.

March 17, 2002

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