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49,000 more homes by 2016

Hertfordshire says it is looking at ways to increase the county’s stock of affordable housing by 49 thousand homes by 2016 while, at the same time, protecting the countryside. According to Hertfordshire’s website HertsDirect, there are three main options.

  • Option A: assumes that 47,000 homes can be built in urban areas leaving 2,000 to be built on so-called ‘greenfield sites’.
  • Option B: relies on district council estimates that only 35,000 homes can be built in towns and that 13,600 would have to be found on greenfield sites.
  • Option C: the county council's preferred option - wait until 2006 to review the situation.

Iris Tarry, environment executive member, says the county is backing Option C because, she says, it takes the uncertainty into account and does not rush headlong into unnecessary greenfield development.

"There is no reason to take irreversible decisions now on whether to release greenfield sites for housing. We need to wait until we have a clearer picture of what's happening in our towns and in the whole region," she said.

Iris Tarry says she is confident there is enough housing land to meet all the authority's needs up until at least 2011 without major greenfield development.

County-wide consultations

The authority says it is keen to, ‘go all out’, to consult people about the future pattern of development in Hertfordshire and all residents will have the opportunity to comment on changes to the county’s structure plan.

The options are set out in the Structure Plan consultation documents, available from July. The consultation will last until the end of September.

You can have your say on the issue in several ways:

  • There will be presentations and meetings involving groups and organisations throughout the county. To arrange a visit, contact Jon Tiley on 01992 556297.
  • Copies of consultation documents will be available at district council offices and all libraries across the county.
  • All consultation documents, together with online questionnaires, will be available on the authority’s website HertsDirect.
  • There will be a web forum for on-line discussions.
  • The citizens’ panel (made up of 2,000 residents) will be surveyed on key questions arising from the document.
  • Focus groups will be used to explore key issues in more detail.
  • The documents will be sent directly to organisations such as district, parish and town councils and government departments.
  • Individuals can order copies of the summary document by calling 01438 737320.

You can comment on this issue in this site’s Forum.

June 28, 2002

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