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Local traffic disruption warning issued

Local motorists are being warned of likely traffic disruption on Hawkshead Lane as work on the Royal Veterinary College continues.

In a note to this site's 'Have Your Say' section, the RVC's John Fisher apologised to local residents about any inconvenience they may experience while the work continues.

“From Monday 8 January, work will start on a) building the new College Main Entrance in to the campus by Hawkshead House b) adjusting kerb-lines at our Service Road entrance c) closing our existing Main Entrance,” he wrote.

“Some disruption to traffic may be caused from time to time (e.g. when feathering-in &/or jointing new tarmac sections). The contractor will of course try to minimise this, but our apologies now as a precaution. The first new landscaping scheme is being held off a few days to let this ground frost clear (hopefully),” he continued.

John has invited anyone with queries or comments to contact him on 020 7468 5111 or 01707 666333 ext 5111).

January 9, 2002

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