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Golf Club rumour sparks Green Belt fears

The North Mymms Green Belt Society is seeking information from the public about local rumours that housing is to be built on green belt land which is part of Potters Bar Golf Club.

The Society normally investigates all planning applications by contacting the local authority and the parties involved.  But now it has taken the unusual step of using its Website to try to find information from anyone who has heard of the plan which the group also fears affects land belonging to the Royal Veterinary College in Hawkeshead Lane.

The Green Belt Society's Website is updated regularly by chairman Bob Horrocks who publishes the latest planning applications received by Welwyn Hatfield Council.  The site contains any objections raised and gives details of all the applications being challenged by the Society.

Usually the Society concentrates on actual applications submitted but occasionally they campaign against developments which members feel are not being monitored properly and which threaten the Green Belt. 

The Website carries the following appeal; "does anyone have information on rumoured plans to put housing on the southern part of the existing golf club land, and the golf club to extend northwards onto existing Vet College land, possibly with an access from Hawkshead Road or Lane? The land may all be in Hertsmere and just outside the North Mymms Parish, but it is Green Belt land. If this rumour is correct, it is something that all Green Belt organisations have feared when the DETR approved the shifting of the Green Belt boundary at Stevenage to allow up to 10,000 new dwellings to be built there. The thin edge of the wedge."

You can contact the Green Belt Society at

June 27, 1999

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