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Discussion forum provided by hertsWEB  

Brookmans Park Forum

The Forum is a community discussion area where users can raise issues and join in debates.  It can also be used to publicise events, promote campaigns, contact friends or offer items for sale.

Initial subjects for discussion include local education, the environment, local history and genealogy, but any new subjects can be added by anyone who completes a short registration process. 

This process will also enable the Brookmans Park Newsletter to maintain standards of taste and decency and ensure that no offensive material is posted.

All who have previously contributed to the 'Have Your Say' section have been sent an automated invitation to take part in the forum along with a special password.  Others will have to request the password once the registration is completed.

The site's 'Have Your Say' and 'What You Said' sections will continue to operate for those who want to write longer comments to the site.  As in the past, these will often be linked to from the front page but the forum is now the area for local debate.

March 6, 1999

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