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English Heritage letter

Letter to the North Mymms Green Belt Society

The Folly Arch, Hawkshead Road, Little Heath, Potters Bar

Thank you for your letter dated September 12th. In fact, we have been kept informed of the developing problem by the owners and their professional advisor, who is a structural engineer.

I visited the Folly Arch on September 16th after additional propping had been provided and notified our own engineer, who has also been involved in this case previously.

The propping looked acceptable as a holding measure, and we will be holding a meeting with all concerned shortly to discuss how to address the latest problem.

You may not know that we had already offered a grant for the repair of the structure, and, prior to the latest development, work was due to begin now.

I cannot agree that English Heritage has in any way been inactive over the last 10 months. During that period, we have been involved in processing the grant application, advising the owners on the methods and extent of repair, helping them to produce a specification for the work and recommending contractors to them for tendering. Any delay has not been of our making.

The question of liability for injury to any person gaining unauthorised access would be for a court, or a professional legal advisor to assess, but our view would be that such liability rests with the owner of the structure.

I trust that this will clarify the current situation for you. Please contact me if you have any further queries. I am copying this reply to the same parties as you copied with your original letter.

Yours sincerely,

September 27, 1999

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