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Green Belt Society letter

Letter from North Mymms Green Belt Society to English Heritage

Folly Arch, Hawkshead Road, Little Heath, Potters Bar, Herts

We wrote to you last November about the large crack in the Grade 11* Listed Building known as Folly Arch.  We regret that we must write yet again.

A section of brickwork has broken off from the underside of the curved part of the Arch in the last few days.  I had noted that this brickwork was hanging at a dangerous angle just a few days ago, and had drafted a letter to Welwyn Hatfield Council.

Today it has fallen off.  In addition the crack is now substantially wider and other cracks have appeared. One does not have to be a structural engineer to see that the whole arch is in danger of collapsing.  

Unless remedial action is taken very soon, the cost of rebuilding the Arch will be enormous.   It must already be substantially more than if action had been taken ten months ago.

Although there is a barrier in front of the Arch, and a ‘dangerous structure’ sign, this will not stop children from going under the arch.  Who would be liable if there is harm to, or death of, anyone venturing under the Arch at the wrong time?

Folly Arch is one of the most famous landmarks in area and is included in the coat of arms of the parish council.  The inaction of English Heritage over the last  ten months may cause the loss of this landmark which is over 250 years old.

We ask that English Heritage takes whatever action is within its powers to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Bob Horrocks
Hon Secretary

September 12, 1999

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