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A quarter of a million pages viewed

Users of the Brookmans Park Newsletter have viewed almost 250 thousand pages so far this year.The quarter of a million mark will have been passed by the end of December.

The busiest week was the week ending December 16, when the average number of pages viewed per day was 1,584. The busiest day in that week was December 10, (see extract from this site's stats below) when 3,656 pages were viewed.

In November, almost 30,000 pages were viewed, but December looks set to top that total.

The most popular area of the site is still the front page, followed closely by the forum, then the news pages, the history section and galleries.

Website stats

Before the forum was introduced, at the end of February 2002, the highest daily average for pages viewed stood at 112. The forum immediately increased that five fold.

What is interesting to see, is how many people view the forum but don't post to it. Clearly many people like to keep across what is being said without feeling the need to get involved.

Below is how the figures for page requests increased over the year.

HDA = highest daily average for pages viewed (taken over the busiest week in the month). MPR = monthly page requests (the total number of pages requested for the month). Remember, some months have more weeks in than others.

Dec 1,584 25,193
Nov 1,244 29,204
Oct 1,352 28,889
Sept 1,418 40,502
Aug 888 22,155
Jul 774 23,219
Jun 1,117 19,950
May 863 21,070
Apr 734 18,893
Mar 542 13,335
Feb 559 5,775
Jan 48 1,050

It has to be remembered, when looking at these stats, that these figures also include the number of times the editorial team checks the site and the stories posted.

The figures above are based on pages requested not hits. Pages requested are actual pages downloaded to read. Hits refer to the number of elements in a page such as images, graphics and text. Every photogallery page read creates loads of hits because each image is counted. The same with a forum page, every icon counts as a hit.

In 2002, the Brookmans Park Newsletter had 2,646,668 hits as of Dec 21. But this is a fairly worthless measure of a site's usefulness. A more accurate reflection of usage is arrived at by calculating the actual number of pages viewed, which is a fairly respectable quarter of a million over the year.

That almost makes it worth running adverts ... nah, that would ruin the independence.

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

December 21, 2002

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