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New site of the month award

New Media Awards Form
Illustration only
Real form at New Statesman nominations page

The New Statesman has introduced a new monthly award for the online ‘site or project of the month’.

It is part of the annual New Media Awards and will be based on a monthly examination of those sites nominated.

The judges will then consider what the nominations say, examine the site, and make their recommendations.

So, if want the Brookmans Park Newsletter to win one of the monthly awards, all you need to do is tell the New Statesman why, using the nomination form (illustration above) and sit back and wait.

The nominations are for sites or projects and not individuals. This is a community effort with the majority of the content created by four groups; forum users, the North Mymms Local History Society, Gobions Woodland Trust, and a few volunteers who try to keep it all together and looking presentable.

Introducing the new monthly award the New Statesman says, "Who do you think deserves to be our first site or project of the month? Let us know by making your New Media Awards 2003 nominations. Each month we'll look at the nominations made so far and pick our favourite site or project. We'll keep you informed of progress through our updates, so make sure you leave an email address when you make your nominations."

All nominations will also be considered for the annual award.

As most users of this site know, in previous years, the Brookmans Park Newsletter has won one award outright and been commended twice for having "served the public interest in developing a democratically accountable civil society during the previous 12 months" and for "the use of new technology in empowering individuals locally".

The New Statesman's winners page for 2002 shows the Brookmans Park Newsletter coming second behind This site didn't put in for the 2001 award but was mentioned in the page for winners in 2000 and the page for those commended in 1999.

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

December 20, 2002

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