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Forum one-year old

Bradmore Green
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An online discussion about the so-called ‘tatty shop’, Bradmore Green, has dominated this site’s forum in its first year.

The forum thread has been viewed 3,334 times with 95 posts, making it the most active subject for online community discussion on this site over the past 12 months.

The shop on Bradmore Green had stood vacant for several years and became a focal point for concerns about local business, the appearance of the village and the services available.

A thread entitled ‘Green Belt Issues’, which examines threats to the countryside, comes second, with 2,318 views and 93 messages posted.

Third is a thread about ‘Kids on the streets’, which examines the facilities available for teenagers in the village. This has 2,181 views with 87 messages posted.

The forum was created on January 31, 2002. It has *** members who have posted **** messages on ***** subjects.

The figures below show the top 12 forum issues, the number of contributions and the number of times they have been viewed in the last 12 months.

You can click on the titles below (in blue) to take you through to the particular thread.

All figures are as they were at the time of writing, January 25, 2003.

# Subject Views Posts
1 Tatty Shop 3334 95
2 Green Belt issues 2318 93
3 Kids on the street 2181 87
4 Garden bonfires 1961 67
5 Speeding 1204 50
6 Inconsiderate neighbours 1157 48
7 Ticket inspectors 1126 35
8 Fireworks 1098 53
9 School Coaches 1044 29
10 Council tax 1031 38

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(Note: All the figures below are as at the time of writing, January 25, 2003.)

January 25, 2003

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