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Village bank to close 

Customers of Brookmans Park's only bank have been told the branch is to close in three months.

Letters have gone out to all account holders who use the Bradmore Green branch of Lloyds TSB saying the last trading day will be on Friday April 14.

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A petition opposing the move has been set up at Patel's newsagents.  In the first day alone four pages of signatures were added.  Now more than 300 names had been added.

There are also plans for a leafleting campaign in the area to oppose the move.  One customer of the bank told this site that he is prepared to go house to house to gather support.

Local residents will be urged to ask Lloyds TSB to reconsider its decision and to warn the company that they will close their accounts if the closure goes ahead. There is also talk of trying to attract another bank to the area to open up in Lloyd's place if efforts to prevent the closure going ahead fail.

Two customers have written to this site to say they feel they were deceived by Lloyds TSB having specifically asked whether this branch would close prior to moving their account to Brookmans Park two months ago. 

One shopkeeper in the village says his insurance premium is set to rise because of the increased risks of having to travel further afield to bank takings.  Many local businesses also rely on the Lloyds TSB branch.

Another customer of the bank pointed out that the facility is used by many retired people who find it more difficult travelling to nearby towns where there are alternative banking facilities.  

A spokesman for Lloyds TSB confirmed the closure is taking place.   He said the reason is that the small sub branch has a low 'footfall' due to the increased use of Internet and telephone banking.

He apologised to local customers but said the bank had made arrangements with the Brookmans Park Post Office so that customers could still withdraw and deposit cash there. He said the nearest branch of Lloyds TSB to Brookmans Park is in Potters Bar where all the accounts are held.

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January 10, 2000
(updated Jan 12)

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