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Crime Figures for 1998

by local police officer
Vojislav Mihailovic

January 1999


Burglary (dwelling) 21
Burglary (others) 16
Theft/Damage Motor Vehicles 52
Railway 2
Assault 7
Theft of pedal cycle 3
Possession of drugs 2
Indecent assault 1
Theft 23
Damage 8

This gives a total of 135 offences for the year 1998 compared with 184 for the previous year.

House Burglaries

As I said in the last newsletter house burglaries during the last three months have increased. They account for one third of the total.  For those that have suffered I am sure they would tell all of us that it is a very unpleasant experience to have had someone invade your home.

Prevention, as always, remains the easier option. I would be the first to admit that once a burglary has taken place, if no one has seen anything or heard anything and there is no forensic evidence the ability of the police service to find the offenders becomes considerably lessened.

The area in which we live is within very easy reach of North London and history has shown that this is where most of those committing these offences come from.

If it is within your means you can make it difficult for people to break in to your property. The police service will quite happily be able to advise you as to what you can do. All you have to do is ask.

The reality is, however, that we will never completely eradicate burglaries but you can make it as difficult as possible for them.

Neighbourhood Watch has an important part to play in this. If these offences are being committed by strangers to the area we are dependent upon you to spot them and to report It.

Car Crime

Vehicle related crime, as you can see from the figures, has dropped fairly dramatically this year. The technology of car security has become better. Hopefully it will remain ahead of the criminals ability to get round it.

The cost of vehicle equipment, stereos and CD players, has dropped in real terms this has the economic knock on effect of reducing the value of stolen or second hand equipment.

However, please do not be complacent, ensure that you lock your car, ensure that you don’t leave wallets or handbags or golf equipment in the car is enticing the criminal to steal it.

Road Traffic

As you may have seen the local authority, with some urging from your Residents Association, have been remarking the yellow lines and marking out proper parking bays around the shops.

This has resulted in such comments as to whether we need all this regimentation and regulation. In a perfect world where people drive and park with consideration for others clearly not.  As I am sure you all realise we do not live in such a world.

Where you have a situation that people park all day by the shops or park in such a manner that it clearly obstructs the foot path thereby making it difficult for people to enjoy the right to walk safely then unfortunately regulation takes over.

It is a fact of life that the actions of a small minority issuing out regulation upon the rest of us.  Invariably that small minority is the most vociferous when it comes to enforcement of their wrong doing.

Bogus antique dealers

We have had visits towards the end of last year from those charming ‘Antique dealers’ from Brighton.  Most at risk from these sharks are your elderly neighbours. The majority of these ‘dealers’ are not to be trusted and most certainly our advice would be not to let them past the front door.

Invariably there are two of them, they will brow beat their way into peoples homes, one will keep the occupant talking whilst the other has eyes and fingers everywhere.

DO NOT LET THEM IN. If you think one of your neighbours is being subjected to this please ring the police station straight away. If you are able to, go to your neighbours assistance until the police arrive.

Bogus roofers and roadmen

Roofers and tarmacers still try it on.  If someone knocks at the door saying you have a loose tile and they’ll fix it don’t let them in, don’t let them near the roof or else you will have ‘several’ loose tiles by the time they get up there.

Always use a reputable company.

I hope 1999 will be a crime free year for us all and that with Neighbourhood Watch we are able to help to keep each other safe.

 Written by Vojislav Mihailovic, neighbourhood police office, Brookmans Park

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