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Crime figures 4/99 issue
by local police officer
Vojislav Mihailovic

Figures from 3/99 issue in brackets

Burglary (dwelling) 18 (18)
Burglary (others) 26 (10)
Theft/Damage Motor Vehicles 36 (27)
Theft 16 (9)
Assault 3 (1)
Criminal Damage 7 (3)
Harassment 1 (0)

This gives a total of 108 reported offences compared to 106 over the same period last year.

Over the past three months we have had no houses broken into. I hope I have not tempted fate by saying that.

Lock your sheds

What we have suffered is sheds and garages being broken into - 16 over the last quarter. It is gardening equipment that they are after. Lawnmowers, cutters and garden vacs etc. All are expensive and all easily disposed of. All I can do is to remind you all once again of the value that you have in sheds and garages behind what are often flimsy locks.

If you need advice in relation to shed and garage security please give us a call as the Crime Prevention Officer would be happy to have a look for you and advise as to what you can do.

Watch out for door-to-door salesmen

It’s that time of year again. Heading towards winter, darker nights and colder ones. Door to door callers have been at it again.

It doesn’t matter what it is that they are selling, whether It be alarm systems, double glazing, drive ways or horse manure, don’t be fooled into thinking that you are getting a bargain. Always get two or three quotes elsewhere.

If they are offering goods and services, don’t be pressurised into signing up to anything. Don’t let them in unless you are completely satisfied that they are genuine. If you have any concerns or feel that they are becoming intimidating call the police.

The last thing you want is to be charged thousands of pounds for an alarm system available at your local DIY store for a couple of hundred pounds. Such people, I can assure you, are on the police disapproved list.

For those of you that have alarm systems could you please check with your alarm companies that your system is millennium proof. A lot of alarm systems have micro processors in them and I’m sure you will all agree that the last thing we want is to welcome in the new year to a crescendo of alarm bells and sirens.

Road Traffic

You may recall the last newsletter made mention of the 49 tickets issued for people parking on the pavement by the shops. There were 28 this time.

It is very sad that it has had to come to the stage of such enforcement just to get people to show consideration for others. I can assure you that the police service would want to direct its resources to other issues but the responsibility still lies with us and it is a road safety issue.

Winter will soon be upon us. If I could remind all of you to ensure that your lights on the car are working properly for your safety and everyone else’s and if we get icy or slippery roads, slow down.

General Matters

Well the last newsletter caused a stir with my ramblings under this heading.  For those of you who are not aware this newsletter produced for you as Neighbourhood Watch members has a world-wide readership via the Internet and the Brookmans Park web site so I will have to be careful with my literary enthusiasm.

You may recall that last time, by way of keeping you up to date about matters that affect local policing within Welwyn Hatfield I gave you a brief up date in relation to Northaw and Cuffley.

Some people misinterpreted what was written and used what I had said in discussions with our Assistant Chief Constable Jim Nicholson who has responsibility for over seeing a smooth change over when Hertfordshire take on responsibility for the whole county. Fortunately he and I know each other and he realised that a misinterpretation had been put upon my words.  (To read how this was covered on this site click here)

To those people of Northaw and Cuffley all I can say is that I can understand that you may have some fears or reservations about the change of boundaries, but please don’t pre judge us.

The Hertfordshire Constabulary accepts that we do not have as many resources as the Metropolitan Police. That’s a simple statement of fact.

What you will find from the Hertfordshire Constabulary is that our commitment to ensuring that Hertfordshire remains one of the safest counties In which to live and work, and to provide a consistently high quality of service will remain second to none.

I think it only remains for me to remind all you that Christmas and New Year are just around the corner so, I wish all you a happy, safe, enjoyable and crime free time.

Vojislav Mihailovic
November 1999

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