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Brookmans Park and Little Heath
Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Newsletter 4, 2003
by Vojislav Mihailovic

Crime Total
Robbery 1
Burglary (dwelling) 27
Burglary (other) 20
Theft/damage to motor vehicle 45
Theft 18
Criminal damage 16
Assault 8
Harassment 1
Possession of drugs 2
Others 2

This gives a total of 140 offences for the first nine months of the year.

We are fast approaching Christmas and the New Year. Please make sure that you take care of your houses and property over the festive season.

Some of you may be going away, some of you may be out at ‘a bit of a do’ or visiting family, burglars know that houses will be filled with new kids toys, computers and other goodies, please make sure that you use your alarms.

Make it look as if some one is in. The only person you want coming down your chimney at Christmas is Santa Claus.

The plea, as always, from the Police service is to let us know about anything you see that is suspicious. We rely upon you more and more to act as the eyes and ears of the community.

Road Traffic

Be aware that there will be a robust drink/drive enforcement campaign taking place over the Christmas and new year period. The best way of ensuring that you don’t get caught is not to do it in the first place.

Mobile phones in the car, you may think that you are safe for a few months. This is not the case.

The ‘advice’ to Police officers that has been made such a big issue of in the papers is what it says it is, advice.

Police officers will have the discretion to issue a fixed penalty ticket for breaches of the law. The law was introduced because people would not take advice.

Winter months again mean the advice about ensuring that your car doesn’t break down in the cold leaving you in the lurch. Also make sure you keep a greater distance from the vehicle in front, damp, wet or icy conditions means that it takes longer to stop.

General Matters

Some matters that have been raised by the Neighbourhood Watch Committee are about litter, particularly in the areas of the schools and Gobions.

Car parking is another issue. Many years ago when Brookmans Park was built, there were not as many cars owned by individuals as now. The volume of cars in the village now is such that it puts people off using the local shops.

The Chief Constable has made the decision to withdraw from enforcing parking restrictions and to pass that back to the local authority. What that does do is to put the onus back on individuals to act responsibly when parking their cars.

Police officers will still be issuing penalties where people cause an obstruction, or leave vehicles in a dangerous position, that can also result in your vehicle being towed away.

Another matter I have been asked to remind you of is about tracker systems for vehicles. We cannot recommend one system over another but like anything the advice we do give is to make sure that that it is either home office approved or conforms to British standards and that the company is reputable.

This may seem a strange request, but let me reassure you that there is nothing sinister in it. If any resident of Upland Drive or Pine Grove has a black cat or knows of any one that moved away thinking that their cat had run off, could you please give me a call at Hatfield Police Station, 638100.

It only remains to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year.

Vojislav Mihailovic

The community police officer can be contacted at his office on (01707-638112).

You can discuss the crime figures and Neighbourhood Watch in this site's forum.

December 2003

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