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Brookmans Park Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Crime figures 3/99
by local police officer
Vojislav Mihailovic

Burglary (dwelling) 18
Burglary (others) 10
Theft/Damage Motor Vehicles 27
Theft 9
Assault 1
Criminal Damage 3

This gives a total of 68 offences for the year from January 1st to 30th June. Compared to the same period last year this is an increase of 2 crimes.

Some offences of note, apart from Burglary (dwelling) of which I made mention last time and more later.

Theft of golf clubs

. For those of you who are members of the local club at Brookmans Park or elsewhere, golf clubs when stolen are easily disposed of on the second hand market. Because of this there has been a recent spate of thefts of golf clubs particularly when left outside whilst you pop in for a coffee or for some other reason. It does not look unusual in a golf club car park, for someone to be walking across to a car with a trolley laden with clubs and bag. Your clubs and bag that you have just left by the door.

Burglary (other), this means your sheds and garages. The dangers remain the same, lawnmowers, golf clubs etc. All very expensive items left In very insecure areas.

As I said earlier Burglary (dwelling). I can’t give to much detail at this time because the matter is yet to come to court but it is in need of highlighting as a success of Neighbourhood Watch.

One of the local Neighbourhood Co­ordinators came home to find her house having recently been broken into. Due to the observation of herself and her neighbours Information was forth coming which led, eventually, to the arrest of an offender and admissions of several recent burglaries in our area.

Road Traffic

Over the past three months 49 tickets at a cost of £20 per time to the people receiving them have been issued mainly for people parking incorrectly in the lay-by adjacent to the bank in Bradmore Green. It’s quite simple really, you park parallel to the kerb unless otherwise directed. I’m sure the County Council would thank each of those who have contributed so generously to its funds. All because of a lack of consideration for others.

General Matters

As you may have read in the last newsletter concerning the forth coming changes to the boundaries of the Hertfordshire Constabulary and the effect of that locally, well, as anticipated the news is not the best.

As I have explained before within the Hatfield rural area there used to be five officers, you now have two with a proposed increase in the size of the area. Martin and I also have roles where we deputise for other functions within the divisional structure.

Whilst having a responsibility for the rural area, due to our accumulated knowledge and contacts over the years, we also form part of the Community Team based at Hatfield consisting of ourselves and three other officers who have responsibility overall for the implementation on the streets of the Crime and Disorder Bill throughout Hatfield and its rural area.

Whilst I am sure that many of you have heard and read the official line of the safest Division (Welwyn/Hatfleld) of the safest county in the country in which to five I would like to try and give a little more explanation to what is taking place.

The Police Service is a public service. Yes we all contribute towards it, including me. I wonder if that make me self employed? From those contributions we have to meet all the expenses of the organisation.

Our income is limited to what we raise from each and every household. We are not a commercial oranisation, we are a public service. Whilst we can use good practice from the commercial world in our purchasing, vehicles, computers etc., we have no end product on which to make a profit therefore increased turnover does not mean more to go around in the commercial world. Increased turnover (demands upon the police service) means that what we have has to be spread even more thinly.

If we were a commercial organisation we would be looking on our current Income, at cutbacks, close down a branch, restructure head office.

Whilst I am certainly in favour of the tree being shaken at our headquarters to see what drops out, what this means to you is that there may well be times when you call to be told “I’m sorry this is not a police matter” or you phone to report a crime that you are asked to come ­to the police station rather than sit at home waiting for a policeman to call. Obviously if it is a burglary we would need to examine the scene.

All I can say is that the police service within Hertfordshire Is committed to ensuring that your homes and streets are safe, but we may have to redefine how we achieve that. This means that there may be times when we are unable to meet your expectations of us.

Personally, I am as committed to you as residents and members of the Neighbourhood Watch as ever. My own pride in what I do and sense of achievement in what has been done would not allow me to be any other way. .But where I had responsibility for only Brookmans Park this has extended to a shared responsibility with Martin Spencer for Welham Green, Essendon and Newgate Street with the addition of Northaw and Cuffley from next year. Add to this the Community Team responsibility for Crime and Disorder and deputising for the Domestic Violence Officer I am sure you can judge for yourselves the additional responsibilities that are being put upon each officer.

This is not trying to evoke sympathy but rather trying to be honest with each and every one of you about what the police service can deliver.

We will continue to work to the highest achievable standards but we may not be able to do all that is expected of us.

Brookmans Park

August 1999

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