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Brookmans Park and Little Heath
Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Newsletter 3, 2004
by Vojislav Mihailovic

Crime Total
Burglary (dwelling) 9
Attempted Burglary (dwelling) 6
Burglary (other) 9
Theft/damage to motor vehicle 17
Theft 19
Criminal damage 22
Assault 5
Others 10

This gives a total of 97 offences for the first six months of the year. I have broken down the offences in respect of house burglaries into where the offence is complete and where it has been an attempt.

This ranges from where alarms have been activated and persons ran off to where people have tried to force windows or doors and not succeeded.

As a result of measures that you have taken to protect your property over a third of burglaries, so far this year, have failed.

Whilst it is not pleasant to have to arrange for repairs it least these people have not violated your homes by going through your possessions. Prevention works. As always our crime prevention officers will give free advice in respect of all property security.

You also need to think about vehicle security. Some of the burglaries have related to where they have broken in to get the keys to the vehicles on the drive. As I have said before some form of tracker system on vehicles are effective.

Hopefully most of you will get this newsletter after the summer break and will be better able to put your thoughts to these issues and others mentioned below

Road Traffic

Bluebridge Road as you come into the village may well be subject to a mobile speed camera enforcement

Whilst I fully agree that the police service should not be using speed cameras for income generation, and that we should justify their use, I think the residents of this road and those nearby would agree that we have more than sufficient justification.

More and more parents seem to be giving into their children and buying them mopeds. Whilst I do not have an issue with this I do have concerns about the manner in which they are ridden.

You as parents have a responsibility to ensure that when they are out they are riding them properly they are not putting others in danger.

If I am met with those words, 'I can't watch them all the time' 'he's got to take responsibility for what he does' and nothing further is done I will be disappointed.

At the very least I would expect the vehicle to be removed from use by the parents. I would expect parents to ensure that their children undertake proper training and have the right equipment to wear.

General Matters

Not a great deal for this section this time other than to say that it was good to see the kids actually clearing up rubbish from the green the other day.

Vojislav Mihailovic
August 2004

The community police officer can be contacted at his office on (01707-638112). You can discuss the crime figures and Neighbourhood Watch in this site's forum.

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