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Brookmans Park
Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
Crime figures 3/2000
by local police officer
Vojislav Mihailovic

Burglary (dwelling) 10
Burglary (others) 5
Theft/Damage Motor Vehicles 33
Theft 9
Assault 1
Damage 1

This gives a total of 59 offences for the first six months of the year compared to 68 for the same period last year.

Burglary (dwelling) and burglary (other) are both down but what has reared its head is theft and damage to motor vehicles. I can only, once again, encourage you not to leave items in the car. Lock it, alarm it or put it away in the garage.

Road Traffic

I’m sure that I’ve made mention before of the small minority of people who, when you mention road traffic law and the police enforcement of it, begin to come out with: “haven’t they go better things to do … I pay your wages”…etc.

My answer is still the same, yes we have got better things to do and yes we would much rather be dealing with criminals.

What would you say if a burglar or thief said to us: “haven’t you got better things to do other than persecute the poor thief”, and we ignored the enforcement of the law?

Road traffic law is concerned with public safety as much as the criminal law.

Those who drink and drive and put peoples’ lives at risk have discovered that such behaviour is unacceptable to the rest of us.

People ho speed in built-up areas where we live, our children walk or ride, must be held in the same light.

Have you heard the one about the driver who, when stopped doing 50mph in a 30mph area, stated that they believed their car would stop in 30ft. I’m sure they would decline to experiment with the children or grandchildren on the road.

Stopping Distance

30mph = 75ft
40mph = 120ft
50mph = 175ft
60mph = 240ft
70mph = 315ft

It is a proven fact that reduction of speed leads to a reduction in injury and death on the roads. And it is a proven fact that the wearing of seat belts leads to a reduction in injury and death on the roads.

This is an issue of public safety that the police service is charged with enforcing. Next time you get stopped because you were driving too fast, not wearing your seat belt or were being inconsiderate to other road users, don’t take it out on the police officer who has stopped you. You chose to break the law.

General Matters

Still, I’m afraid to say, on the subject of road traffic, I’m sure that many of you have seen the vast increase in little motorised scooters - known as go-peds - in the area.

Just to explain the law to you. A motor vehicle is a ‘mechanically propelled vehicle intended or adapted for use on roads’.

These scooters are mechanically propelled vehicles and by virtue of that, motor vehicles.

They are not sold by the manufacturers for use on the road. Should the person buying one or using one be found on the road, and this includes private roads, then it is self evident that they intended to use it on a road.

This means that all of the law applies. Age, driving licence, insurance, test certificate, excise license, crash helmet and registration.

You as parents therefore need to be aware that you should not be allowing your child to use these on the roads. They are not toys.

Vojislav Mihailovic
September 2000

Herts Police
Neighbourhood Watch
Rotary Club of Brookmans Park

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