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Brookmans Park and Little Heath
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Newsletter 2, 2003

Crime Total
Robbery 1
Burglary (dwelling) 4
Theft/damage to motor vehicle 19
Theft 6
Criminal damage 5
Assault 3

So far, from the 1 January to the end of March, we have had 45 offences in Brookmans Park and Little Heath.

Vehicle crime remains the highest volume crime in our area.

We have had several burglaries, not shown in these figures, where the keys to vehicles have been taken and the vehicles stolen..

This has happened before, and it seems that the thieves have returned. Cuffley is also suffering these offences again.

It is important not to leave the keys in an easily accessible position either by the front door or on the side in the kitchen. Make sure that you put the alarm on downstairs.

Card theft and fraud continues to cost many millions of pounds each year. Be careful where you use your card and try to ensure that it does not leave your sight.

There have been cases in the Welwyn and Hatfield area where cloning has taken place at cash-point machines. Be aware of people standing too close behind you, don't be distracted from the machine by the dropped fiver on the ground.

What happens is that your card gets taken out, cloned, and replaced in a short space of time. The next thing you know is your account has been cleaned out.

I also need to give you the annual warning about the warmer weather and not leaving windows open when you go out. It just leaves an invitation for the burglars to climb into your home.

When you go away on holiday please make sure that your key-holders know how to work your alarm system, if you have one fitted. Let your neighbours know when you are away.

Road Traffic

You might have noticed the extension of the speed-controlled zones within the area. Some parts of the A1000 know have 40 mph areas and Hawkshead Road now has an extended 30 mph area with 40 mph areas extending out further.

You have a moral duty to act with consideration towards others whilst behind the wheel of a car just the same as you do towards other people or their property during the rest of your day.

Killing or maiming someone while behind the wheel of a car due to recklessness or omission is a crime.

General Matters

Motorised scooters seem to continue to plague some parts of the area.

Whether these are petrol-driven or electricity-powered motors they are still motor vehicles and, as such, are subject to road traffic legislation, in particular the age at which you are allowed to ride them. They are motor vehicles not toys.

Some people have said that the electric ones are for invalids.

Fine, if I see Mrs. Miggins aged 92 using one in Moffats Lane to get to the shops and she is registered disabled then I don't have a problem with that as she has been sold it and bought it for that purpose.

However, if Mrs. Miggins' granddaughter aged 12 use one that has been sold to her and she is not disabled then she requires insurance, MOT and a driving license.

Another issue that people have raised locally is that of children riding bikes on pavements.

While I appreciate that some younger children ride on pavements from the point of view of keeping safe, some older ones ride on the pavements at what can only be called reckless speeds around corners.

We have older residents who want to use the pavements and are entitled to do so in safety. Please ensure that it is not your child that does this.

If you use the play area at Gobions could you please ensure that you close the gate behind you so that dogs can't get into the area?

If you walk your dogs in the area could you please ensure that they don't go into the play area if you see the gates open and assist by closing the gate.

Vojislav Mihailovic

The community police officer can be contacted at his office on (01707-638112).

You can discuss the crime figures and Neighbourhood Watch in this site's forum.

June 2003

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