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Brookmans Park and Little Heath
Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

February 2008

Message from your ward constable PC Jo Wakelen

PC Jo Wakelen
PC Jo Wakelen
Over recent months the number of burglaries that have happened in Brookmans Park has increased greatly.

The properties that have been targeted have mainly backed onto open spaces, i.e., the golf course and the properties have been unoccupied at the time. Please, if you are going away, make sure your property is secure.

Things like light timers are a very good idea and do not leave your vehicle on the drive. If it hasn't been moved for two weeks it makes it obvious that there is no one at the property. Please inform your neighbours that you are away, maybe they can pop round to open and shut your curtains.

All these things, though simple do deter burglars. They look out for routine, for instance no lights going on in the property over a few days, cars not moving on drives, even post not moved off doormats. PLEASE BE VIGILANT.

Due to special operations by ourselves the burglaries have decreased, but that doesn't mean we can be complacent in any way. If you see poeple acting suspiciously, or unusual vehicular activity, please contact us on 999 immediately, please do not wait until the next day.

There have also been a couple of distraction burglaries. If someone has not shown you proper identification as to who they are, please do not let them into your home. These offenders use all sorts of methods to gain entry in homes. They will say they are from the gas board, water board, even police. Always ask for identification, if they do not give you any, do not let them in and ring police -immediately.

Traffic issues

As usual, myself and my colleagues have been out and about dealing with the traffic problems that have been reported to us. We will be holding further traffic days and issuing tickets for speeding, mobile phones and not wearing seatbelts.

There are still ongoing issues with the Royal Vet College and parking. Please bear with me on this. I am liasing on a regular basis with the RVC and there are some plans in the pipeline, which unfortunately I cannot disclose at this time.

Those people found parking in dangerous positions will continue to be issued fines in a bid to deter such behaviour.

I have been notified of the parking problems in Pine Grove. This happens particularly between 3 and 4pm.

Unfortunately this is an ongoing problem as there are no parking restrictions as such on this road. If you need to park on this road to pick up your children from school, please do so with consideration to the local residents. This is a residential street, not a car park or a speedway.

There still is a large amount of people using the footpaths to park their vehicles, again my colleagues and Twill be dealing with this issue by way of fines. If a pram or invalid vehicle cannot get past, or you're causing an obstruction either physical or visual then you are committing an offence.

The Crime figures are mixtures of different crimes, most notably Cloned Credit Cards. The crime figures are as follows:

Crime Figures

Vehicle Crime 4
Burglary (dwelling) 13
Class 'C' Drugs 3


It has been noticeable recently that Gobions is becoming a favourite haunt for people using cannabis. This happens mainly at night and has been dealt with by way of seizure of the drug, reprimands and arrests have been made where appropriate.

If you have any information about any incidents or suspicious activity in your area please do not hesitate to give me a call on 01707-638112 or 08453300222. Jo Wakelen 2460 Neighbourhood Officer Hatfield Ext.8112

You can discuss the crime figures and neighbourhood watch in this site's forum.

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