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Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

January 2007

Message from your ward constable PC Jo Wakelen

PC Jo Wakelen
PC Jo Wakelen

Recently there have been a couple of incidents of car thefts. The most recent when the owner was close to the vehicle when it was stolen.

All these vehicles were high-value and appear to have been stolen to order. The perpetrators are determined and are not afraid to steal the vehicle even if the owners are around.

Drivers need to be vigilant. Do not leave your car keys where they can be seen. Donít leave your car engine running when you leave it.

If you are going on holiday please lock your cars in a garage. I know people think that if they leave their car on the drive it will give the impression that the house is occupied, on the flip side, if you car is parked on the drive and doesnít move and there are no lights on in the house, the thieves will know the owners are away.

It is far better to lock the car in the garage and invest in some light timers for the property.

On a positive note I would like to thank all residents for an almost incident-free Halloween and bonfire night. I was out with the PCSOs and we had few problems. It was lovely to see youngsters enjoying themselves and wearing some very inventive costumes.

Crime Figures

The following are the latest crime figures for November 2006 to February 2007.

Crime Total
Assault 0
Cloned Credit Cards 0
Domestic Dispute/violence 5
Theft from motor vehicle 4
Theft of motor vehicle 2
Burglary (dwelling) 7
Damage 0
Class 'C' Drugs 0
Deception 0
Theft Other 4

I would like to point out to residents that a number of horse trailers have recently been stolen and there have been reports of suspicious vehicles being seen in areas where horses are kept.

I am reinstating Horse Watch to enable us to liaise with horse owners and keep track of animals and equipment.

If you own horses and trailers, please feel free to contact me on 01707-6638150 so that I can make a note of your details.

If you own a field where horses are exercised, please contact the police if you see suspicious vehicles in the area.

There have also been reports of vans being seen in rural areas with the occupants firing air rifles as they drive. If you see any suspicious vehicles please report the activity either by ringing the number above or 0845-33-00-222.

Traffic Issues

Operating a mobile phone, other than a hands-free, is a crime punishable by a fine and three points on your license.

If you donít have a hands-free mobile and pull over to answer the phone while the engine is still running and/or with the keys in the ignition or in your hand can still result in fines and points.

We recently carried out a series of successful traffic controls on Bluebridge Road, stopping motorists for speeding, not wearing seat belts and using mobile phones.

In most cases, words of advice and a verbal warning were given, however a handful resulted in fines. Drivers stopped were from all age ranges.

Another issue that has come to our notice is youngsters coming out of Chancellorís School on their bikes and carrying a schoolmate as a passenger while riding on the footpaths.

This is not acceptable and we will stop youngsters who do this. Riding like this is dangerous and inconsiderate to pedestrians.

WPC Jo Wakelen

You can discuss the crime figures and neighbourhood watch in this site's forum.

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