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Brookmans Park and Little Heath
Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Newsletter 1, 2003

Crime Total
Murder 1
Robbery 1
Burglary (dwelling) 29
Burglary (other) 27
Theft/damage to motor vehicle 47
Theft 62
Possession of drugs 1
Criminal damage 14
Assault 6
Harassment 1

This gives a total of 189 offences for the calendar year 2002. The greatest area of increase in reported crime is theft.

Analysis of these figures shows that a large percentage of this increase involves premises where the staff do not seem committed to preventing crime.

Our move from evidence-based crime recording to ethical crime recording has also had an effect on the figures.

Mobile phone insurance companies will only pay out if the phone was ‘stolen’ as opposed to lost. The level of fraudulent claims is an issue that is being actively looked at.

The level of crime in Brookmans Park and Little Heath represents just over two percent of the total level of crime for the whole of the Welwyn Hatfield District.

Although it may not seem it at times, you live in a safe area, which enjoys a low level of crime.

The main crimes your Neighbourhood Watch wishes to concentrate its efforts on for the coming year are house burglaries and vehicle crime.

From the police perspective this means reminding everybody that alarms are the ultimate deterrent.

If you are considering having one fitted, our crime prevention officers will conduct a free survey for you.

They will be able to advise you as to which window locks are most suitable for your windows.

They can look at your external security and give advice on sensor lights, fencing, locks on gates etc.

We can also give free advice on vehicle security, alarms, tracker systems and the basic advice of not leaving valuables on display in the car.

For you as members of Neighbourhood Watch, it will mean being aware for yourselves and your neighbour’s.

It will be you who will spot the stranger looking at your neighbour’s house, it will be you who will be able to note the description and get any index numbers for us.

It is by working with you that the police service can help.

Reducing crime and disorder is the responsibility of all of us, not just the police service.

Road Traffic

The road works on the A1000 will be continuing for some time yet, into the summer at the very least.

I am led to believe that many other roads around the area will be subject to road works as well including Hawkshead Lane, Station Road and potentially some others.

You never know, it might slow traffic down. I also understand that they intend to reduce the speed limit on some parts of the A1000 on a permanent basis.

The speed of traffic is still an issue in areas of Brookmans Park and Little Heath.

Traffic calming and/or speed cameras will only be put in, in line with Department of Transport and Home Office guidelines, which effectively means that unless a site has a serious accident record it will not happen.

Those within the police service who deal with these issues know what my views are on this backward approach from government departments.

It is still obvious that on certain roads the majority of people that I see speeding are local to the area.

If you keep to the speed limit then that becomes an effective traffic calming measure.

General matters

On Tuesday 25 March, the Hertfordshire Police Authority will be holding a public meeting at the United Reform Church.

They have decided to do this on a day when I have a pre arranged long-standing commitment, so I will not be in attendance.

Any specific issues that relate to Brookmans Park will only be able to be answered in general terms by those present.

If you have any issues that you would want to be addressed at this meeting, please let me know so that I can at least brief those in attendance, or speak to me direct at Hatfield Police Station.

The issue of the behaviour of young people and safe communities is one that remains high on the police agenda.

This is not an issue that presents a serious problem in Brookmans Park and Little Heath in comparison to some other areas in the district, but I have noticed that some local youngsters seem to be spending an increasing amount of time on the streets.

Some have ‘friends’ who come from outside the area that present no problems, however, some of these are people; that do not seem to be welcome in local homes.

I don’t have a problem with that, a very wise parental decision. What I do have a problem with is the apparent abdication of parental responsibility once youngsters walk out of the door.

As I said in the last newsletter, the police service is not there to provide a child minding service. I hope that it doesn’t reach the stage where I have to detain these youngsters and summon parents to the police station to sort matters out.

We all have our part to play in ensuring that our community is safe for everyone in it.

Vojislav Mihailovic

The community police officer can be contacted at his office on (01707-638112).

You can discuss the crime figures and Neighbourhood Watch in this site's forum.

March, 2003

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