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Crime figures 1/ 00 issue
by local police officer
Vojislav Mihailovic

Figures from 4/99 in brackets

Burglary (dwelling) 4 (18)
Burglary (others) 3 (10)
Theft/Damage Motor Vehicles 9 (27)
Theft 6 (9)
Assault 1 (1)

As you can see this gives a total of 23 offences for the first three months of the year compared with 32 last year.

Burglary (dwelling) is down as are theft/damage to and from motor vehicles.

As I have always said these are the two areas of crime which affects the area the most.

What you need to be most aware of is the increase in theft of lawnmowers and other garden equipment. Gardening is now a multi-million pound leisure industry and as such stolen equipment easily marketable.

I can only urge you to ensure that sheds or garages where you store this equipment are properly secured.

Strange as it may seem summer is with us. Please remember about leaving windows open when you go out. DON’T.

Road Traffic

It is still about courtesy and consideration for others when you get behind the wheel of the the car. It is about slowing down in built up areas. It is about keeping your distances from the car in front. It is about understanding that driving is a skill.

The way people park in the village seems to be improving. People are actually remembering to park parallel to the kerb where they are supposed to do.

General Matters

The takeover of Northaw and Cuffley seems to have gone smoothly.

The Neighbourhood Watch within this area is like that within Brookmans Park, well structured, extensive and committed. Accordingly, like all areas with an active Neighbourhood Watch it has a low crime rate.

From the figures given to us by the Metropolitan Police vehicle crime and burglaries feature as the two main crimes.

One other matter that we have in common with Northaw and Cuffley is bogus callers at the door.

Whilst the number of such offences in our area is very low, hopefully because people are saying the right thing at the door, it is still a very upsetting experience for those that suffer particularly the elderly.

Once again If you have elderly neighbours do your best to keep an eye on them and who they have calling at the door.

Vojislav Mihailovic
June 2000

Herts Police
Neighbourhood Watch
Rotary Club of Brookmans Park

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