Author Topic: Were you a Brookmans Park or Welham Green trainspotter in the '60s?  (Read 495 times)

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It seems North Mymms had its fair share of trainspotters in the '60s and '70s. Were you one of them?

Having read through the memories on our history site, spotting trains from the various bridges was a popular pastime. A reader called Peter has added a comment to the piece on our news site about the defence emplacement found near Brookmans Park station.

Peter picked up on the train-spotting angle, mentioned by another local resident, and wants to get in touch. You can read his comment by scrolling to the foot of the article where you will also find his contact details.

A former local resident, Judy Marchant nee Watson, has just sent in her memories of growing up in Bradmore Way in the '50s, and she also remembers train-spotting, and seeing some of the famous steam engines of the past such as "Mallard, Silver Fox, Sir Nigel Gresley, and of course The Flying Scotsman" from the Brookmans Park railway bridge.

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Re: Were you a Brookmans Park or Welham Green trainspotter in the '60s?
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Tut tut!

"The Flying Scotsman" is the service. "Flying Scotsman" is the loco.