Author Topic: Setting the parish boundaries in the mid 1700s  (Read 208 times)

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Setting the parish boundaries in the mid 1700s
« on: March 22, 2018, 07:15:14 pm »
From our new history site, The North Mymms History Project.

In the mid 1700s, the area east of the Great North Road (A1000) as it passed through North Mymms was common land, known as the North Mymms, Northaw, and Cheshunt Commons. This was land where commoners - those who didn't have their own land - were allowed to graze their livestock and gather fuel. At that time, the boundaries between North Mymms and Northaw were unclear, so the Lords of the two Manors agreed a dividing line, marked it on the ground, drew a map, and decided to make it all legal with a private Act of Parliament.

Setting the North Mymms Parish boundaries in the 18th century
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