Author Topic: POLICE WARNING: Beware cold calls selling loft insulation  (Read 1212 times)

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POLICE WARNING: Beware cold calls selling loft insulation
« on: October 07, 2017, 10:47:23 am »
From Neighbourhood Watch team. Message reads...
Beware cold calls selling loft insulation

Dear Watch Member,

Hertfordshire Trading Standards has noticed a spike in complaints about cold calls trying to sell loft insulation products and is warning consumers not to sign up to these very expensive deals because they often arenít what they seem.

Typically, they start with a telephone call out of the blue, telling you that fibre glass insulation is due to be phased out by the government or that your existing insulation is too old to be of any use. They tell you that there is a new foam insulation product that will save you money on your heating bills, is eco-friendly and will give you more useable space in your loft. They tell you that there just happens to be a surveyor in your area and they can visit you today to show you the benefits. Before you know it, youíve been signed up to an expensive contract and the work to strip out the existing insulation agreed for the next day. Victims of this scam across the county have lost between £5000 and £9000 for this unnecessary work.

Trading Standards advice is that you donít let someone sell you a product as a result of a cold call. If it was any good, you could choose to buy it yourself after shopping around for the best deal. Just say no to any such call and hang up. If you receive lots of these nuisance calls, put your phone on answerphone if you have one and screen your calls.

If you are looking for a good trader to carry out work in your home, use family and friends to give you recommendations of good people they have used. If you still canít find anyone, please use the Hertfordshire Trading Standards good trader scheme run with Which? and look on or call us on 01707 292429 for a good, local trader.

Please share this alert with senior relatives and neighbours who may not have received this email, particularly those who are at home in the daytime and may receive these types of phone calls.

Jenny Morris
County Administrator
Neighbourhood Watch
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