Author Topic: The white crab spider that changes colour to match the environment  (Read 722 times)

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Saw this in our garden today. Sorry for the poor quality pics. Not figured out macro on my camera yet, so these are not that clear, but they give you an idea. This from UK Safari.

Crab Spider - Scientific name:  Misumena vatia
Size: Head and body up to 10mm long
Distribution: Common in Southern England.  Also found in Wales
Months seen: April to September
Habitat: Usually found on yellow or white flowers
Food: Flies and other small insects
Special features: Crab spiders are able to change their body colour to match their background.  It can take a few days, but they can appear white, yellow or green. They sometimes have two faint red lines running along the abdomen, but these are not always visible. The male is much smaller than the female. The crab spider sits on flowers waiting for insects to land close by, and then pounces on them - trapping them between their crab-like front legs.

Camera details below for those interested.
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