Author Topic: Do you have an external mailbox? If so read this police alert  (Read 909 times)

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An update from the Hertfordshire Constabulary Online Watch Link (OWL)...

Many Hertfordshire residents have had credit cards, mobile phones or other services ordered in their name after their post has been stolen or tampered with. This is a form of Identity Fraud, causing disruption, inconvenience, credit problems and potential financial loss to victims.  Cifas, the UK fraud prevention service, recently released figures showing that identity fraud has hit the highest levels ever recorded in the UK.

Residents with external mailboxes appear to be particularly at risk from this type of crime, with fraudsters stealing documents containing personal details, which they then use to order credit cards, open accounts, or order other services in the residentís name.

When the fraudulently ordered credit cards are delivered, the fraudster intercepts them, taking them from the residentís external mailbox.  People who have been victims to this type of fraud are particularly unhappy to realise that fraudsters have been monitoring their home, watching their movements, and taking the items from their letterbox as soon as they have been delivered.  This may happen over a considerable period of time before the crimes come to light, often when the credit card or other service providers contact the resident to chase payment.

A recent Hertfordshire victim had numerous items stolen from  a locked mailbox out of sight of his house over a period of time.  It is believed that the fraudters used skeleton keys.  He has since added a combination lock and also suggests that a deep mail box with an internal baffle plate (which makes it very hard/impossible to take anything out of the box) is a good security measure.

Please consider the security of your postal deliveries.

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