Author Topic: Did your parents have bread delivered by Chuck's bakery Welham Green?  (Read 1354 times)

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Did your parents or grandparents ever talk about having fresh bread delivered to the door by Chuck's Bakery in Welham Green? Do you have any memories or images you'd like to share?

For almost 150 years the Chuck family of Welham Green supplied North Mymms with fresh bread, delivered to the door by horse and cart. In 1817, Elizabeth Chuck would walk 11 miles to a flour mill in Hertford to buy flour. She'd then have to walk home carrying the sack of flour on her head. The business closed in 1962. Local resident, historian and photographer, Mike Allen, has pieced together a fascinating record of the Chuck family of Welham Green 1740-2012 which he has kindly shared with this site.

The image above is of Jonah Chuck starting his round from his Dellsome Lane bakery with wife Beatrice looking on from behind the gate. The image was taken around 1900 by G. Knott. It was given to Mike Allen by P. Grant as part of a project aimed at preserving and restoring old images of North Mymms.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

The document above was written by local resident, historian and photographer Mike Allen.
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