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Local Buses
« on: November 03, 2015, 04:55:45 pm »

The 610 bus service provided by UNO which services the village reached new lows this morning. In the past we have endured no shows, lateness, children having to tell the driverís which way to go, buses not stopping at a stop for a child who wants to alight and then failing to stop at the next one too and making the child stay on until the stop after that because H&S means they canít let them off anywhere else.
For those who arenít aware the 610 operates two school specials, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, which deviate from the normal route to service children getting to school. You would think that if ever UNO had staff shortages or mechanical issues meaning they needed to pull a bus from the timetable they would not disrupt the school bus given that (a) it services children (b) there is no alternative (c) it stops at all the normal 610 stops so meets everyone's needs. However, previously they pulled the afternoon service leaving the children, who had paid for return tickets, stood waiting at school for a bus that wasnít coming. They did not inform the school so staff could inform the children. This incident is not in dispute and was discussed on their twitter account.
This morning the 610 turned up 5 minís late and the driver stated he wouldnít take the children to DAO School due to a lack of buses/late running. He stated they would need to alight at Potters Bar train station and walk. When queried why yet again it was the school bus that suffers he was less than complimentary about his employers. He also stated that despite it being a shorter journey, they would have to pay the same fare.
Whist discussing this a 2nd 610 pulled up behind. I spoke to the driver of this bus and asked him if he was going to DAO school and he said he didnít know it. He handed me his route sheet and I had to point it out to him to which he informed me he wasnít.
After some discussion and threats to complain to Hertís University, the first driver finally saw sense and agreed to take the children to school. The two buses pulled up alongside each other and children got off bus 2 and onto bus 1. Utterly ridiculous.