Author Topic: New tagging tool added to the forum to help you find things  (Read 1089 times)

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New tagging tool added to the forum to help you find things
« on: August 28, 2014, 08:44:07 am »
I have added a new tagging tool to the forum which will enable you to add tags to your posts so that you can find topic-related material more easily. It's not compulsory, and you can ignore it if you want. I will trial it to see if it has any value.

You will see in the screen grab below that just below the subject field for a new post is the option for adding tags. Here you can enter tags and separate each with a comma. They will then appear in a new collection of tags under the link 'Tags' in the forum main menu at the top of each page. When adding tags, please think of all the issues that your post touches on. So, for example, a post about the incinerator might be tagged Incinerator, Hatfield Incinerator, New Barnfield, Veolia, Planning, Waste, Recycling, Green belt. The moderators will be able to add or remove tags. I have started to add a few to some of the more popular threads.
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