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« on: July 16, 2004, 08:16:11 pm »
I have discovered this terrific web site while searching for clues on the MIMS surname.  I have been researching my family name Mims since Dec. 2001.
I have arrived at a place where I can't confirm any more information on my family line.  I do beleive that my family is related to Thomas Mims from England.
I am at a point in 1799 S. Carolina where my gggrandfather James (Samuel) Mims was born.  I have seen references that his father was James also born 1765 S. Carolina.
I have looked at the 1790 Federal Census records but can't establish a firm connection.
Next would be Thomas Mims born about 1731 Virginia, then Thomas Mims III born 1708 also in virginia,  Then Thomas Mimms Jr born 1681 also in Virginia and finally Thomas Mims born about 1637 in England.

Any information on the above names would be greatly appreciated.  I'm willing to share what I have found to date as well on my family lines.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone willing to share information that might open a few doors for me to continue my research.

Thanks a Mims cousin  :)
Bob    e-mail
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