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Peck/Ransome family of Bell Bar
« on: February 29, 2004, 11:30:09 pm »
I am researching my family who came from Bell Bar. The Ransome and Peck family are mentioned in the 1851 & 1861 Census, in both Census lists they are two doors away from the White Swan with a few family members living in the White Swan in 1861.
Edward Ransom (from Essendon) married Sarah Peck (of Bell Bar) and their 10 children were christened at North Mimms church between 1852 - 1874. My gt-gt gran Sarah is actually mentioned in one of your online books as being a straw plaiter - however her surname was not Pick - the enumerator's handwriting wasn't great, though :-)
If anyone has any info on either of these families - registers, burials etc - I'd be extremely grateful.

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Re: Peck/Ransome family of Bell Bar
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2004, 03:20:16 pm »

Marian Benton, the archivist at the North Mymms Local History Society, has just dug out the following information for you. I will post it here in case anyone else is researching these names. As posted in the other thread, Marian has also found five old pictures of Bell Bar. I have put them up on this site's photogallery. Click here to see them.

Bell Bar
PECK, George
Ostler at Swan Inn aged 28 born Hatfield Parish.
(Swan Inn formerly the White Swan)

Bell Bar
PECK, Emma
Widow. Garden Woman aged 45 born Hatfield.
Son Thomas aged 20 an agricultural labourer born Hatfield
Son George aged 12 a scholar born in Hatfield
Walter son aged 7 a scholar born Bell Bar
(Pecks no. 55 on census route. Swan no.51)

Bell Bar
PECK, James
aged 72 a shoemaker born in Leighton, Essex
his wife Ann aged 73 born in Hatfield

Bell Bar ( 8 )      
PECK, Ann aged 64 a nurse. Domestic servant born North Mymms
PECK, James aged 66 shoemaker, journeyman born Essendon
Bell Bar ( 9 )      
RANSOM, Edward aged 34 an agricultural labourer born Hatfield
RANSOM, Sarah aged 30 born North Mymms
RANSOM, Selina aged 6 a scholar born North Mymms
RANSOM, Eliza  aged 4 a scholar
RANSOM, Rosa  aged 2
Welham Green (21) Thomas PECK aged 46 an agricultural labourer born St.Albans a question mark re him being a lodger.

See Victorian Lives in North Mymms by Peter Kingsford .

From Hertfordshire Monumental Inscriptions. North Mymms The Parish of St.Mary's.M.I. series no. 7 published by the Hertfordshire Family History Society. B96 location. David F.W.RANSOM. Born 6th May 30th 1905 died 30th March 1959 and his treasured Marjorie born 15th August 1909 died 28th May 2000.

Suggested sites Hertfordshire Family History Society and Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
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Re: Peck/Ransome family of Bell Bar
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2004, 11:44:26 pm »
Thank you! And could you please pass on my thanks to Marian. I can't wait for my next visit to Herts & I'll be bringing my digital camera along. If the pics come out clearly, I'll willingly post them to the site.