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OWL (Online Watch Link)
« on: May 24, 2011, 04:00:28 pm »
OWL, (Online Watch Link), is an email based information service. It is a way of letting people in the Brookmans Park area know about incidents that have occured in the local area, e.g. please be on the lookout for a white van index ****** which has been seen in the local area. It can also be used to inform residents of good things too and other information, e.g. a burglar was caught and arrested in Peplins Way, - you get the idea. It is very much up to date. It may be you do not hear anything for a while, but this is because you will not be bombarded with rubbish emails.

If this is something you would like to receive, then please email either Nick or myself and we can arrange it for you. The details we need are your name, full address including postcode, and your email address. It is quite a complex system and you only receive items that may be of interest to you or that are relevent to the Brookmans Park area.

Contact details are:
PCSO, Louise Luxford, the police community support officer for Brookmans Park and Little Heath. For non-emergencies, please calll 0845 33 00222.