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Recently there have been a spate of cash machines being tampered with in the local area.  Cuffley have been hit very hard in recent months but several arrests have been made in connection with these. I was one of the officers responsible for a few of these arrests.

Things to look out for when using the cashmachines are:

1. Check the top of the machine. If there is a false plate stuck along the top of the cashmachine, it will be face down toward the keypad.  Directly over the keypad you will be able to see or feel a small hole.  This may be where a camera has been installed to record your pin number. Always cover the keypad with your hand when inputting your pin.

2. If the bank withold your cashcard then a message will be displayed on the screen.  If the machine witholds your card and a message is NOT displayed, then ring 999 and explain what has happened. Try to remain with the machine as the people who tamper with the machines often wait for persons to go inside the bank/post office/shop to report what has happened. Whilst  the person is inside, they come and take your card and the camera which has just recorded your pin number.

3. Check the slot where you insert your cashcard. Feel around it and give it a gentle tug to see if it comes loose. If you have any doubts then do not use the machine and phone the police on 0845 33 00 222 to reoprt your suspicions.

If you follow these simple steps then you greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim.
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