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Internet and phone warning
« on: June 19, 2006, 12:02:21 pm »
This just in from Hertfordshire Constabulary. I think it's important those under 18 are warned about this.

June 19, 2006
By Corporate Communication Dept

POLICE in Hertfordshire are warning parents and their children about the inappropriate use of mobile phones after indecent images have ended up on the internet.

In the past few weeks there have been a number of cases involving girls from Hertfordshire performing acts of gross indecency, which have been videoed on a mobile phone and then shared with others via mobile phones and posted onto the internet without their knowledge or permission.

There also appears to be a growing trend in youngsters creating their own websites and posting images of themselves on the internet. They are probably unaware of the amount of paedophiles who regularly surf the net or that once these images are posted onto the internet they will have no control of where these images could end up.

Detective Sergeant Gez Ellis, from the Paedophile Investigation Unit said: “This is an extremely serious matter which is causing concern. I would urge parents and their children to be aware of the dangers of misusing current technology and we are urging people to think very carefully about what they do with their mobile phones and their computers and the implications of their actions. What starts out as experimentation or a bit of fun could potentially ruin the lives of everyone involved.

“One of the concerns is that many children have computers in their bedrooms at home and parents or guardians may not know what their internet use is or what sites they are accessing. I would urge parents to monitor their child’s usage so that many of these instances can be prevented.”

For information about safe internet use there is a website called the Internet Watch Foundation which can be accessed at:

Gez added: “It is also important to note that it is illegal to take, distribute and be in possession of indecent images of anyone under the age of 18. Anyone who does so could be prosecuted and may find themselves facing a prison sentence as well as being put on the sex offenders register.”

/end of news release
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Re: Internet and phone warning
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2006, 03:00:03 pm »
Adding to that report.

Any parent whoes child has a MySpace account, might want to check the pictures that they have posted, because as mentioned above they are not always aware just how accessible these images are.

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